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Spring Equinox in Avebury ~ Starting a new cycle of starlight expansion

20th March 2021 ~ 09.37 GMT

Balance brings Peace, a precious moment of stillness in an ever expanding cycle of change.

Treasure the times of equilibrium, and contribute to the heartbeat of humanity's entrainment into harmonic resonance with the Earth.

The video below offers a guided visualisation meditation, to welcome the cosmic vibrations over the equilibrium point of Equinox. It was broadcast Live from the Avebury Stone Circle to invite a remote energetic connection to this much loved sacred site at this special time.

Sue Coulson is facilitating this meditation. She is the founder of Cosmic Classroom™ in Avebury, where she works closely with Earth and the Higher Dimensional Beings of Light of the Star Nations.

The Cosmic Classroom™, is a dedicated meditation center located on the first floor of the Henge Shop in Avebury. This lovely old stone building sits on the High Street in Avebury, within the largest Stone Circle in the World; giving us access to the beautiful earth-energies which pulse through here.

Sue is dedicated to supporting people who wish to expand personal and collective consciousness through her group gatherings/workshops and private 1:1 sessions. Discover more HERE

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