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Welcome to the Cosmic Classroom in Avebury

A Spiritual Space of Multi-Dimensional Self Awareness set inside the Worlds Largest Ancient Stone Circle

The Cosmic Classroom(TM) is a Spiritual Center, for Meditation and Healing, set in a high vibration space located inside Avebury's ancient Stone Circle, in the heart of Wiltshire, UK. 


Here you are invited to expand your awareness of Self by exploring the unseen realms through meditation, to claim a Cosmic View of the wholeness of who you are.


We offer opportunities to explore the subtle energy of physical reality, by connecting with Earth Energies and developing a sense of the vibrations within the body. We also specialize in facilitating meditations to journey through the etheric inter-dimensional web, which binds all of existence together, to experience meaningful encounters with energetic entities of higher-consciousness, the Light-Beings of the Star Nations. 


Join us: Indoors in the Cosmic Classroom, Outdoors within the sacred landscape surrounding Avebury, and On-Line via Zoom video system. 

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Sue Coulson is the founder of Cosmic Classroom in Avebury, where she works closely with Earth and the Higher Dimensional Beings of Light of the Star Nations.


Her spiritual foundations are rooted in an understanding of the inter-connectivity of all things. She has actively studied the energetics of the Avebury environment for over 16 years through her Psychic Survey project.  Sue is a certified Master of Crystology, an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, and a Spiritual Mentor to an international audience on social media.


She is dedicated to supporting people who wish to expand personal and collective consciousness through her group gatherings/workshops and private 1:1 sessions.

Avebury is a world heritage site in the south west of England, home to the largest ancient stone circle in the world, where an estimated 98 giant megaliths once lined the inside perimeter of the great bank and ditch of this Henge. Stretching away from this circle were avenues, also lined with standing stones. In the surrounding vicinity we find; more stone circles, long barrows, and other earthwork features which denote occupancy since the Neolithic period around 5,000 BC

Avebury is a powerfully energetic place where the veil between the worlds is thin. The stone circle sits mid-way along the St Michael Ley, and we find converging node points here, in the caduceus like masculine and feminine currents which follow this straight line from Norfolk to Cornwall. These crossing points create vortex-portals which offer access to the global Earth grid network, the starlight realms and the cosmic infrastructure.

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