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Insightful messages from the Birds

In the last few days it seems that the Birds of the world have been going out of their way to get my attention, the most direct of which has been a little Great Tit (Chickadee) who found a way to precariously perch on the window frame of the Classroom to tap-tap-tap on the glass. Not just once, but several times, until this beautiful little Being was certain it had my full attention.

Great Tit’s bring us insights about cheerful and truthful expression (Ted Andrews ~ Animal Speak). From the front view this little bird is predominantly a joyful yellow. However, the thing that stood out for me was it’s little black cap and a narrow black blaze which runs vertically down it’s breast, over the Heart.

At the time of this encounter I was deep in meditation with my Online Group, exploring the Star Wisdom which the Lionine Starbeings were offering us. It was a shock to the system to be jolted back into every-day reality by the insistent presence of this little feathered friend.

My understanding of this message was a true blessings.

The Heart and the Mind must be entrained in a synchronized rhythm, connected in resonance, to enter the void and claim one’s power as a conscious creator. We are encouraged to bring the higher perspective, gained by expanding into the knowing delivered by the Aquarian Age, into an embodied state of Being. It is joyful alignment which strikes the chord of entry into this creative space.

A few days prior, I had witnessed a whole flock of little birds fly into the woodland near my home. Their collective song was a crescendo of sound, which ebbed and flowed like the breeze. It was so loud when they all sang together, but then, as suddenly as if someone had pressed the mute button, they would cease as one, pause for a few moment and start again in unison.

I have noticed that several friends on social media have also reported unusual bird encounters this week. One saw three birds sitting together on a wall, as if having a meeting (Pigeon, Blackbird and Robin). Two other people have seen an Owl and a Hawk, respectively, right outside the window of their homes.

I am interested to hear if anything has come into your awareness, and I invite your comments below. Birds have always played a big role in my life, and they were the first to reach out to me in my developing spirituality. I wrote an article a while ago titled: Dreams do come true, and it feel right to share that story, here and now.............

I could just show these pictures and say what a wonderful time I had at the Hawk Conservancy Trust, but that would only be part of the story. In fact there are two stories to be told, and this is the first part............

When I was a little girl, about 8 years old, I was struggling to read due to dyslexia. My teachers at school put me into a 'special measures' program, which frankly freaked me out, and for a while I refused to read anything at all.

My parents found a way to help me through this crisis by encouraging me to read about birds, as I had been fascinated with them from a very young age. I loved all animals, and we had many differed types of pets, but the first one of my very own was a budgie which I receive for my 4th Birthday. I still remember going to the aviary to choose him, and marvelling at all the babies, some even without feathers.

A few years later I saw my first falconry display during a family day out to a country fair. I was mesmerized. I begged my parents to allow me to keep a kestrel as part of our menagerie; but wisely, with hindsight, they refused.

By the time I was ten or so, I could identify all the birds we encountered in daily life, and could happily recite every page from my many bird books.

So my dream of being up close to birds of prey was a long time in the making, but my inner child was over the moon with glee when this experience finally came into being.

I spent an amazing day in 2019, learning how to handle birds of prey at this wonderful conservation facility, and am grateful beyond words to the staff who supported this experience so generously. The second part of this story is set some years later.

In my early 30's my former career took me to live in Seattle, USA, for a number of years. During this time I experienced a serious health challenge. Doctors and specialists recommended surgery as the solution. I however, chose to deal with it in a completely holistic way. A decision that changed my life.

I dived completely into learning about energy medicine, and soon found a number of amazing practitioners who supported my return to full health. One of them was a wonderful lady, who I called 'Mother Earth', for her energy and outlook to life was so grounded and nurturing.

On my way to an appointment one evening I was halted in my tracks by a swirling spectacle in the sky. Over the waters edge of Lake Washington a group of Bald Eagles were herding/attacking a frenzied ball of smaller birds, behaviour I had never heard of before from these birds. I often saw Eagles flying solo along the shore line, and believed their diet to be of fish, rodents and carrion.

Arriving late for my appointment with 'Mother Earth', I told her the story. She was in awe and said I was very lucky, as she hardly ever saw Eagles, despite growing up here in their natural habitat. Now I was the one with my mouth open. How was that possible? I would see Eagles all the time, often more than one, almost every day. I told her that the day before I had seen one sitting on a lamp post in the city whilst I was at the grocery store. Again she was aghast.

Mother Earth had a light-bulb moment, and before I knew what was happening she had grabbed a book from her shelf and was reading to me ~ Your animal totem in an Eagle, she said!

My what?

This was the trigger for an important moment in my spiritual awakening, which over time saw Eagle guide me on a number of road-trips through the US and Canada, following these magnificent birds, as I surrendered to their guidance completely. I would follow them as they flew in front of my car, quite literally, calling, 'this way'.

I was lead to sacred sites and shifts in perceptions, connections with the first nation people, pow wows, heart activations, stunning scenery and a shape shifting experience, Ultimately a return to good health and a return to my homeland (UK) to pursue a completely different lifestyle/career.

The spirit of Eagle still guides me in the Wiltshire landscape in the form of Buzzard, Kite, Kestrel and Owl, who bring me valued messages.

My heart is as one with Eagle. To have the opportunity to invite Orion to perch on my hand was a dream come true. He has such a powerful presence.

I will always be beyond grateful to the wonderful staff of this amazing conservation facility, who listened and allow this communion to take place.

I invite you to find out more about the fantastic work they do at the Hawk Conservancy Trust with both British Birds, and those around the world who are in critical danger ~ The Bald Eagle is a conservation success story. Not so long ago they were on the endangered species list. Now it is the vultures that truly need our support.

Surrounding Every-Body in bright blessings and much joyful Love ~ Sue


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.

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