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Cosmic Codes of the Quarter Moon

The current lunar phase started with the Capricorn New Moon on 13th January 2021. It brought us cosmic vibrations which initiated a new way of identifying the Self to create a shift in our relationships with all aspects of Self, both internal and external, to birth a new perspective of independence.

The Leo Full Moon on the 28th January held up a radiant mirror for us to view the authentic Self and embrace the empowerment of individuality.

As the Moon enters the last quarter of her cycle today, she encourages embodiment of all the insightful gifts that have been bestowed upon us, which have illuminated the sovereign Self. Over the next 7 days we are offered opportunities to connect with the emotions of this journey, and to ultimately gain an elevated point-of-view of what our personal light contributes to the collective, as this cycle come to a close at the Aquarius New Moon on the 11th February. Here was start another new process, one that will see us anchoring the creative light of our expanded Hearts into the awakening structures of the new paradigm, by honoring all that has come before us. By standing on the solid foundations created by our ancestors, we can raise ourselves up into a higher level of conscious awareness of what is possible Now, to bring our collective dreams into being. There is an opportunity for you to join Sue Coulson for a Cosmic Connection Meditation over the inception of Aquarius New Moon through a Live Zoom workshop. The details can be found HERE Surrounding Every-Body in Moonbeam Blessings of Love and Peace.

Sue Coulson: Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

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