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Leo Full Moon ~ Heart Expansion

Leo Full Moon ~ 28th January 2021 at 19.16 GMT Review: Cosmic Connection Meditation. Online.

Those who joined me, Heart to Heart through the etheric field of light, were invited to receive a gift from the higher-dimensional Beings-of- Light from the Cassiopeia constellation. These luminous ones of Green/Blue/Purple places a crown of stars upon the heads of those who were accepting, to acknowledge the sovereignty of their unique individuality.

This loving act was a catalyst for expansion that felt tangible, not just in the energy body, but also in the physical body, where much transformational healing occurred.

The tension depicted in the zodiac chart of this full moon, with Mars in Taurus being a pivot-point for a square to both the Sun & Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius, and the Moon in Leo, is acting like a catapult with its elastic stretched, waiting for us to ‘Let Go’ in order to be launched into a higher level of awareness.

This lunar cycle is carrying the codes of independence initiated with the Capricorn New Moon two weeks ago. The cosmic vibrations are asking us to adapt to a new way of relating to the Self, and the world around us. When we are ready to recognise the unique talents we hold, and nurture these treasures to honour the self, we embrace a new level of Self Love.

This alone is enough to activate the Light of the Heart, a Leo-Heart full of Moon-codes, which can illuminate a clear path into the New Paradigm. Here, that Self Love can be a radiant mirror for others to see the truth of their Soul, reflected in the compassion held by those in alignment with their higher self.

We are starting a new story. The previous book is now closed and filed on the archive shelves. The new book has blank pages which invite us to create a new story empowered by the Light radiating from our Hearts.

So much change was activated, through the node points within my body and the earth-grids, that rest was required in order to integrate this new state of Being. Heavy rain fell to drench the Earth and clear the pathways of the past. 24 hours later it is an empowered new version of me who is ready to enthusiastically begin a new journey to build the future of my dreams; and I hold hope of the same for you

Surrounding Every-Body in Starlight Blessings, as always

Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.

Image from the archives ~ 2011

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