Cosmic Connection Moon Meditations

The New Moon and the Full Moon each month have a profound influence on the energetic flows of the Cosmos.

Most people are aware of the command the lunar cycles hold over the tidal waves of the worlds oceans, and many recognize the emotional effects on the watery aspects of the human psyche; but there is also a notable vibration shift within the earth-currents of the global grids which is activated by the moon.  It is possible to perceive these fluctuations in the streams of energy which travel through the sacred site of Avebury Stone Circle.

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Sue Coulson, the founder of Cosmic Classroom, has been actively engaging with the energies of the ancient landscape surrounding Avebury since January 2007, and is now able to offer both access to the knowing she has amassed, and an etheric link to this special place through the ONLINE Cosmic Connection Moon Meditations she is currently facilitating. (Please Note: The Large Outdoor Event are withdrawn due to Lockdown Restrictions)

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Cosmic Connection Meditation

Online Live via Zoom or Outdoors

Empowering guided visualization meditations to expand awareness of the multi-dimensional self; allowing for the smooth integration of the Cosmic vibrations available through the energetic portals created by, the inception of the New Moon and the peek of the Full Moon each month, following the annual lunar cycle through the fixed Stars.   

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Special Event
Eclipse/Sag Full Moon

Outdoor Workshop

26th May 2021
11.30 to 14.00 BST (UK Time)

Special Outdoor Workshop

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Special Event
Solar Eclipse Star Wisdom

Meditation Workshop

10th June 2021
10.30 to 12.30 BST (UK Time)

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Capricorn Full Moon

Meditation Workshop

24th June 2021
19.00 to 20.30 BST (UK Time)

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