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1.2.21 ~ Reflection

1st February '21

There is a righteousness to the purity of this moment, where the reflection is one on a vertical axis, below, above, beyond.......... way beyond.

In the stillness of a breathless moment the mind finds a peaceful place to land, so that the inherent consciousness can expand. A knowing comes, which defies description, of the infinite and eternal.

Like in a hall of mirrors, with each silvery surface reflecting the light of another, stretching away, repeated, connected and yet each one holds a uniquely separate perspective.

Each choice to act in the Now has a causal effect on both past and future, as each potent wave of consciousness ripples through time and space.

Today's reflection serves to re-mind the mind of the creative power of each thought and action, and the importance of practicing a place of Peace and Love within.

@Sue Coulson: Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK. Original Artwork: 2.1.21

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