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12.1.21 Reflection

Looking: What does one see, within, around, beyond, behind?

Today, is the close of the current Lunar Cycle, just ahead of the Capricorn New Moon in the early hours of the morrow (05.00 UK time). It has carried the light-codes from it's inception at the Solar Eclipse on the 14th December. These have been built upon by the Solstice activity and the big planetary shifts, which in turn were all amplified by the energy of the Cancer Full Moon on the 30th December.

Reflecting back further, there were vibrations activated in November 2020, at the start of the Eclipse Season, which were the 'Launch Pad' for this accelerated time-frame of expansion. This had it's foundation in the Summer Eclipse Season, with the Solar Eclipse at the Cancer New Moon at Solstice, counter-point to the Cancer Full Moon of this current lunation.

Reflecting back a whole year, to the 12th January 2020, we were 'Holding the Light for New Earth' during the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which was the herald for the start of a new cycle of transformation at a fundamental level.

Further back still we find a resonance with the Eclipse cycles of 2012, and the Dawning of the New Age, with a Lunar Eclipse very close to the same point among the stars as in 2020, underpinning the Solstice moment in 2012 too.

These refection show circles within circles; spirals of expansion. Moments ever changing, but each moment offering up a mirror/window to both the past and future.

Each moment is a point of creation that travels through the timelines in waves upon the cosmic currents, forever.

Each moment, in its point of creation, offers an opportunity to choose. In the infinite loop of eternity it is wise to choose from a place of balance, hope and Love, for the greater good of ALL

What will you choose NOW Original Artwork: 2.1.21 © Sue Coulson

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