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Aquarius Full Moon: Impactful Energy Arriving in Avebury Stone Circle

Aquarius Full Moon ~ Tuesday 1st August 2023 at 19.31 BST (UK Time) Lammas: Celtic Celebration of Abundance and Harvest.

Avebury Stone Circle. Wiltshire. UK.

From beyond a veil of cloud, the Full Moon opened a channel for a powerful deluge of dynamic energy to be delivered to the earth-grids from the starlight realms, which was witnessed swirling in exaggerated waves along the pathways that pass through Avebury Stone Circle . The energy was balance, but big, uniting the masculine and feminine completely, beyond any separation, whilst retaining their individuality in full expression.

Copper/Orange hues were received from Baten Algiedi in the Capricorn constellation to open new space between the spaces in the existing structures, causing a significant shift in the perception systems of time and matter.

This influx to the collective heart-field has the potential to feel disorientating to All, as the body and the mind must now find new reference points from which to navigate 'reality', as old anchors creating our conscious constructs have been shifted in the tapestry of existence, to make-way for a new vibrational platform to be woven into Being.

During our group meditation a message was received from the higher-dimensional Beings-of-Light from the Star Nations we encounter here: explaining these are the foundation codes of an upgraded system, and more layers are to be added incrementally through the Lion Gate. We were shown a way to engage with the energy: Stand on the land and connect with the vibrations emanating from her Heart of the Earth. Stretch out the fingers, stretch out the arms, stretch out the toes whilst holding the image of duck-shaped feet. Ask the structures, cells and atoms of the body to allow the space between the spaces to expand through conscious intention, to align with the new structural pattern. In this way the divine blueprint of the Sovereign-Self can be connected to the developing version of reality, fully enabled to create through transcendent manifestation ~ merging human vital energy with evolved spiritual vision. The Lightbeings asked to be included in our circle, standing close, so that they too could receive the vibrations of diamond light emitting from our planet, through the portal we created by uniting our Hearts in meditation. In return, they contributed much starlight to the Earth-grids, and gifted personal messages of empowerment to the participants.

I has come to my attention in other ways in recent days how important copper is to the proper function of the body; supporting immune function, cellular structure, and also the absorption of Iron. The latter seems especially relevant in the context of this post, as Copper is connected to the feminine planet Venus, and Iron to the masculine planet Mars, in alchemy. Both are needed to work in harmony to bring balance to the life-force systems. It is advised to check the metallic mineral content in your diet at this time, to ease the transition of the body into the new vibrations.

Those who have been following this blog will be aware that significant energetic anomalies occurred at the start of the lunar cycle, disrupting the flows in the St Michael Ley. Whilst things are not 'back to normal', the pathways are now in their usual place, though very expanded. To understand this statement fully, please read the New Moon & Quarter Moon reports.

Message from the Stones: Purge all that burdens your journey. You now travel through fast-flowing currents. Your vessel requires flexibility and lightness to go-with-the-flows calling to the Heart.


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of : Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.


Support Sue in her work: Funds can be sent via Paypal here.

All contribution are gratefully receive. Thank you!


Avebury 8.8 Lion Gate Gathering Outdoor Evening Meditation Tuesday 8th August 2023 7.30pm to 8.30pm Find ticket information HERE

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