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Review: Avebury 8.8 Lion Gate 2022

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

8th August 2022. Avebury 8th annual 8.8 Lion Gate Gathering was a day full of joyful Love, friendship and expanding illumination from dawn to dusk.

The morning Online Meditation delivered some potent light-codes on the Orange Rays to set the foundations for new understanding of the Creator Self in the New Paradigm.

We connected with a star named Alminhar, the nose of Leo the Lion. Here we received stellar vibration to expand radiance through ALL structures by clearing the pathways in a purification process. The Lionine Star Beings we engaged with shared a message:

'The new starlight we bring to you is designed to nourish the flows of life, in all of its cycle. Its initiation, its growth, its ripeness, and its decay.

The energy which we gift you in this moment is cyclic in nature. It will expand to its capacity and as it diminishes it will further fertilize the foundations of a new way, by laying down a new layer of star-codes into a crystalline matrix which supports the cycle of growth for ALL.

You are invited to tune into the body by following the pathway of the breath into the deepest level of knowing. Acknowledge the new energy which is brought to you,for it is transformed & transmuted, digested & processed, and then eliminated as different components to be added into many different layers of the external structures which surround you.

The body structures follow this same cycles, every day. New cells are born to serve their purpose, following the cycle of life and death; they are birthed, they expand, until decay befalls them, and then they are released. Take a moment to consciously ask the bodies to engage in a purification process, by purging the energetic structures which are no longer needed; the ones held in cellular memory from the old paradigm which prevent you from moving forwards into a new way of Being'.

Tears flowed, as much was released by those who participated, but many were tears of joy at the acceptance of new levels of light growing within, greatly amplifying the levels of illumination generated individually to be shared with the collective.

Daytime 8.8 Meditation Workshop in the Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Our daytime gathering saw four more strands of starlight arrive from the Lionine star-realms to weave new ways of being into Being for ALL. Each transmission was watched over by the Lions, who shared their wisdom to add clarity to the energies we were asked to engage with.

* The first wave to be delivered in this session continued the theme of clearing. This time White/Blue Fire brought glittering white-gold particles to purify the waters; of our bodies, springs, streams, rivers, seas and air. Attention was directed to the way our bodies, as biological systems, contribute to the hydrological flows by consuming and processing water, both physically and energetically. Awareness was brought to the balance needed between Fire and Water, action and allowing, Solar Plexus and Heart.

** The second wave came from the Lionine Beings of Sirius on the Golden Rays. Here our group were taken on a journey into the White-Temple space which the Lions watch over. We were individually gifted golden light-tools to support our unique roles as light-workers in our world. Personally I received a golden disc, like a tray, to carry golden energy from other realms/dimension to our own, to empower the sacred-heart wisdom of the Earth and humanity.

A message came too: 'There is no doubt that a new era is upon you. Embrace all that it will mean for you by surrendering to the Light which guides the Heart. Oneness is the way forwards for All, Trust in this truth, and the journey into union will flow smoothly'.

***The final two waves flowed in together, entwined as one, to take us on a journey into the Void, the space of no material matter but with the potential for all things to be birthed from within this dark womb of creation.

The Lions encircled us here and brought full-spectrum white light to empower our sovereignty to it's highest capacity with more words of encouragement: 'Contain your power, build your power with your breath. Focus your mind, by acknowledging that you get to choose each thought and where you place it. Many allow the mind to meander down old pathways and through thought-patterns which evoke fear, grief and trauma. Choose, choose to turn those kinds of thoughts around to a place of empowered peace, until the old pathway is reprogrammed and a new sense of forward motion is embedded within, so that the past is left behind. Nothing is destroyed and un-created. You have access to it all, if you choose, but we (the Lions) asked you to question what will you choose? And why are you choosing it?

Feel the empowerment building within you as all the layers we have brought you so far today are activated within you, to open clear pathways for your to be present with the wholeness of your Soul-Light and Creator-Self'.

This did indeed feel very empowering, stabilizing and secure, as the levels of illumination expanded within and around us. We added this dazzling light to the Avebury Stone Circle, to be distributed through the global heart-line into the collective heart-field.

Evening Gathering within Avebury's ancient sacred landscape

In the evening we were blessed with the most stunning vista and balmy weather, where the sun set in a dazzling blaze of gold, as a striking moon hung in a cloudless sky. The perfect setting to bring all the expanding Lion Gate energies together into a cohesive union and install them safely into the earth-grids and cosmic infrastructure.

My heart is full of gratitude for all that was shared, heart-to-heart, with all those who responded to the Lionine Star Beings call to 'Open their Heart's to Cosmic Love'.

Sending starlight blessings and much Lion-Love to ALL, always ~ Sue xXx


Sue Couslon: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of : Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle

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