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Leo New Moon: Energy Insights

Review: Leo New Moon Cosmic Connection Meditation. 28th July 2022 ~ Avebury Stone Circle.

Over the initiation point of the New Moon at 18.55 BST the energy among the ancient stones felt stable and still, open and allowing, ready to receive the energy from the starlight realms delivered through the Solar/Lunar alignment.

Our group connected in a conscious way to bring in new vibrations to the earth-grids, which have an active access point here.

Walking around this sacred site after our gathering it was clear things has shifted energetically. The node points, where the masculine and feminine currents of the St Michael Ley meet, had opened and expanded greatly, unfurling like a lotus flower to facilitate a deeper and broader exchange between Earth and Stars. Powerful waves were flowing, in stark contrast to the stillness over the inception of the New Moon, indicating the growing potency held in this important lunar cycle to influence the cosmic systems, of which our heart-portals are a part.

Standing in the flow felt like my adrenal glads/kidneys were receiving a super-fast charge to empower my biological batteries.

During our meditation we were aware of amplifications taking place in the solar plexus and heart, linking them together to bring balance to their cohesive function of connecting our unique individuality into the cosmic collective with discernment and Love.

The message which came from the higher-dimensional Beings-of-Light we encountered from the starlight realms was:

'Use the tools that you know you have. Refine them. Sharpen the blade of the Mind. Enhance the focus to bring clarity, beyond all doubt, deception or distortion.

Learn to recognize Truth, truth from your personal perspective. Know how this feels for you, as this is a most valued gift which sets the foundation for Trust in the Self and a deeper acceptance of Self-value and Self-Love.

The illumination which radiates from you sets a ring-of-fire around you which acts as a filter; adding your light to the external sources which you receive, for greater clarity in acceptance, and reflecting/re-directing anything which is incongruent with the Light which you emit.

From the security of this bounded yet boundless space it 'feels' safe to engage as a fully expanded individual within the collective. Feeling safe is a perspective which allows you to engage wholeheartedly'.

As we approach the Lion Gate on the 8th August, with the anticipation of receiving more insights and activation's for our courageous Lion-Hearts to expand, these insights and gifts have been warmly welcomed, as it is foreseen they will have far-reaching effects.

Starlight blessings flow your way on the moonbeams ~ Sue xXx


Sue Couslon: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of : Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle

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