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Cancer New Moon: Expanding Male/Female Self-empowerment.

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Cancer New Moon ~ Monday 17th July 2023 at 19.31 BST (UK Time)

Avebury Stone Circle. Wiltshire. UK. A refinement to the infrastructure of the cosmos has been received through the delicate golden rays of starlight gifted to us from Procyon; the brightest star in the Canis Minor constellation, the little dog, one of the two hounds which accompany Orion the hunter on his journey through the stars.

The new moon has delivered important lessons about flexibility in the mind, trust in one's intuitive ability to sense the unseen, and 'going with the flow'; all brought to awareness by significant energetic shifts in the earth currents which travel through this ancient sacred site. Avebury sits in the geographical center of the St Michael Ley, a straight line which spans southern England from Norfolk in the east, to Cornwall in the west. Entwined around this central axis, two symbiotic earth-currents were identified by well respected dowsers, Paul Broadhurst and Hamish Miller in the 1980's. The publication of their influential book 'The Sun and the Serpent' has brought these Masculine (Michael) and Feminine (Mary) rivers of energy to prominent awareness, and highlighted the significance of the places on the land where these flows meet/interact/cross.

Avebury, in my mind, plays a pivotal part in this vibrational structure, and for many years now I have been closely studying the subtle fluctuations which the Moon, Sun, Solar System and Star impart upon their course. This new moon has initiated a disruption the like of which I have not witnessed before in my 16+ year observations. As I write now, two days on, things have still not stabilized and I am continuing to monitor the shifting patterns.

The short version: The Feminine/Masculine polarity flipped at the inception of the Cancer New Moon, generating a powerful unified energy in the center, which expanded the Heart-field considerably. The path where we 'usually' find the masculine energy contained the feminine.

The path where we 'usually' find the feminine energy contained the masculine. Places where these pathways 'usually' converge became crossing points, and the energy traveled straight through the 'usual' crossing point. It has not been an instantaneous switch, but a morphing process which I became aware of around 7 hours prior to the new moon inception on Monday evening at 7.31pm local time. Throughout the following day the power of the feminine flow continued to grow, over shadowing the masculine energy on the site. The male energy seemed to push it's presence forcefully upwards to claim space above, as the earth was expressing its femininity so strongly at ground level. Like ocean waves creating a tidal bore, sending sea-water upstream and swelling a river into flood, the high tide of energy brought big waves in the center of the circle, which rose above the surface much higher than 'usual' and burst the etheric banks which normally steer the pathways through this sacred place. By nightfall on Tuesday the whole site was saturated with feminine energy. By daybreak on Wednesday things appeared to be starting to settle, and the masculine has claimed it's original course north, out of the circle. The southern route was still distorted at my last inspection, and I am curious to find out how this will unfold. There will be an update to follow this report, I feel sure...

Message from the Stones: Focus on balance within the Heart center, and find your stability here. (As the heart expands and you become conscious of clearer connections with others, the mind can become distracted by these external influences ~ Focus within, and align with light of your personal power).

Through conversations with others, insights have come. Hattie Northeast is a gifted psychic, working professionally as an animal communicator, but my experience of this lovely lady is that she is also very sensitive to cosmic influences. Today, over lunch, she told me that herself and her boyfriend (who is also very sensitive) woke on Tuesday morning, aware that something had shifted overnight within themselves and each other., but not aware of the new moon. They each reported witnessing the masculine energy more present in the female body, the female energy more present in the male body than 'usual'. This has highlighted aspects of the Self which have been previously hidden in the shadows, that now faces the light for transformation; beyond which a clearer sense of integrated Heart empowerment and personal expansion has been found.

Website Link: Animal Echo

With Pluto, the planet of death/rebirth, triggering the Moon & Sun (feminine and masculine forces) through its opposition with them both; along with the north and south nodes (future & past) also changing sign at this time, transmutation has been activated for ALL.

I invite every-body to ask the consciousness of their body systems, on the deepest fundamental levels, to adjust gently to the energetic transformations that are taking place in the outer world, to smooth the transition. I am grateful to the other sensitive souls who have dedicated their time, out on the land to corroborate my personal experiences, and I welcome feedback from people who have witnessed a significant shift in the earth-currents during this time-frame.

Sending new moon blessings, as always ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of : Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.


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