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Quarter Moon: Update about Energetic Anomalies at Avebury Stone Circle

First Quarter Moon. 25th July 2023 at 23.07 BST (UK Time). The Mayan 'day out of time', making the adjustment to the calendar for the 13 moon cycle.

The Cancer New Moon on 17th July 2023 triggered a massive and unexpected shift in the masculine and feminine Earth-currents flowing through the Avebury landscape. A huge influx of energy was observed arriving which reversed the polarity, and generate an above/below split, which expanded the heart-field in a new way. For reference, read the previous insights HERE Over the days since my last report I have continues to monitor the site regularly, and have found there has been a gradual return to 'normal'. By this, I mean that the Michael and Mary currents are now entering and leaving the site via their usual pathways, though the amplitude of the waves they are carrying are still amplified, and notably spreading out across the side-bands. There are also incidental patches of energetic anomalies, which I liken to the puddles left on the land after a river has burst its banks, as the water recedes. The Obelisk has a shadow zone in it's aura, and the Cove is holding an intense but neutral field, which I experience like balanced light/white noise ~ Full spectrum effect. There was a stunning backdrop to my investigations for the quarter-moon, with a spectacular Sunset and a wonderful view of the moon, who danced in and out of the dark clouds with dramatic effect, reminding me that celestial light is ever changing, as are we.......

The insights which have accompanied the observed shifts emanating from the land this week have largely come through vivid dreams, which I feel have been triggered by spending so much time in the energy. They have expressed a new level of accessibility to higher and lower dimensions. From the space we are conscious of, in the now, it is becoming increasingly possible to reach into other versions of reality... to catch glimpses of other aspects of Self, in other timelines and realms. Perception is opening to a new way, and the boundary-states between dimensional-spaces are becoming softer, more malleable, transparent, and at time mutable ~ leading to a morphic-state, transitioning between multiple levels of consciousness, both progressively or simultaneously ~ to activate a 'new-paradigm' functionality of multi-dimensional awareness. This word, morphic, has been highlighted a number of time, and as I explore its meaning, I feel its effects growing within me ~ language creating a container for reality. Patterns of the past dissolve and new fluid structures take the place of former rigid forms, structures that can easily morph into new shapes to suit the environment. Many things are no longer fixed, and call for adaptability and transformation, in a soft and gentle way. My wish for ALL this day, is that every-body finds a way to engage with these new flows of energy in a gentle and graceful way ~ Starry blessings, as always ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of : Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.


Anyone receiving value from these word and this time-consuming work who would like to offer support, funds can be sent via Paypal here.

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Aquarius Full Moon:

Cosmic Connection Meditation.

Outdoors at Avebury Stone Circle.

1st August 2023. 19.00 to 20.00.

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