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8-8 Lion Gate ~ Transition into a Higher Perspective of the Sovereign Self

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

8th August 2023 ~ 9th Annual Lion Gate Gathering in the sacred landscape of Avebury, UK.

For me the 8-8 Lion Gate has been an important date to connect with the Lionine Starbeings since they first came roaring into my life 12 years ago. (Read more HERE). With apparent increased interest in Lions Gate among the spiritual community this year, with many versions of 'what it means' and what it can offer; the most important point which stands out for me is that many more people around the globe will be focused upon bringing the Light of Love to our World at the same time, increasing its impact through coherent intention.

From my experience over the years of working with the Lions, not just at Lion Gate, but regularly throughout the year, they have the best interests of our people and our planet at Heart. They encourage us to acknowledge our unique gifts, claim our sovereignty, and find the courage to follow the path of our Hearts, with Love for the Self and compassion for other.

This year for 8.8 the astrology has opened many paths of interconnection with the stars of the Leo constellation, amplifying the intensity of the starlight transmission available to create change for us, to advance our self-development on all levels of existence. The Sun (Self identity) and the personal planets of Mercury (communication), Venus (Self-value), and Mars (Self-expression) each connect with an individual star of Leo. During our daytime meditation we welcomed starlight from Alminhar, Chertan, Subra and Shishimai; from the tip of the nose to the very toes of this regal star lion, to initiate Self transformation on every level of Being.

Waves of Copper/Orange rays from Alminhar began the purging process, to reset the cellular memory held in the body to a vibration of purity. This was a very tangible experience for all participants, who reported strong physical sensations in the body, encouraging release in areas of resistance.

Dazzling white light from Chertan stimulated an activation which brought both awareness of another dimension and the opportunity to take a step into a new version of reality. I was shown a vision of a spiral staircase; as if standing in a circular hallway and seeing a set of steps ahead, against the wall to the left, creating a flight upon which to ascend. As I followed their rising course with my eyes I realized this first set of steps were interwoven with another. ~ Two sets of stairs, sandwiched, first one and then the other, locked together as a double helix.

As my gaze shifted to trace the descending arch of the second pathway, I found it arrived at ground level on my right, slightly behind me. I realized this had been my entry point into the place, and below the floor upon which I now stood, in this in-between space, my sense was that both stairways also existed, but I had never notices the other path because I was focused upon the one I was following. Now I had a choice. Both staircases would lift me up, their form and structures the same, but displaced from one another in time and space. They each offered a different perspectives and experiences, as each lead to different vantage points. I chose to explore the new way.

It was the High Elven Ones who guided us on this starry journey, with their wistful songs of shimmering iridescent sounds, leading us towards union of our own sovereign Light with the celestial vibrations of Leo and the radiance emanating from the multi-dimensional diamond core of the Earth. Linking above/below, without/within, male/female attributes with Iron/Copper, and Gold/Silver strands of starlight.

The above realm was watched over by the swan and eagle Beings of Cygnus and Aquila. The dolphins of Sirius and the cosmic whales of Cetus took us into the depths of the water-world to swim with the Sharks, and the Mer-people. Here we were to receive golden/blue aqua key-codes and inky-black/blue hues from Subra and Shishimai, bringing our Lion Gate transmutation to a conclusion, with new understanding about how to breathe and BE in the new cosmic currents which support our evolutionary advancement into Sovereignty.

Whilst many of the Lionine Star Beings present were willing to step back into a supportive role this year, the Star Lions of Sirius were insistent on delivering their energetic contribution to this potent day, at just the 'right' time, to link terrestrial portals to Sirius, and one to another. There were lessons here, for the ego part of the mind, about challenge and change, redirection and surrender; to truly go with the cosmic flows which empower the collective, by listening clearly to the true wisdom of the Heart.


The evening meditation, outdoors within the sacred landscape of Avebury at sunset, offered opportunities to practice the new levels of Self-expression which the Lionine Star Beings encourage this year.

Our session started with a beautiful gift from Pippa Handley Cooke. Synchronistically she had chosen this 8.8 date to launch a new aura spray in the PipEssence Temple Range named: Salacia, after the Queen of the Oceans, consort of King Neptune. The saline vibrations contained within this creation contribute towards supporting truthful expression, and the singing of the Song of the Soul.

Pippa journeyed around the circle of those who had gathered to meet with the Lions, offering each person the opportunity to receive the energy contained within the water-memory of the Salacia spray. It set a beautiful foundation for all that was to unfold. As the Star Lions joined us in meditation, to bring through their light-code transmission, it began to gently rain, acknowledging our intention to receive all they were ready to bequeath to the waters of our world. Learn more about the Salacia spray HERE

Emma Blake-Jones came from South-Wales to share the spectacular sonic stimulus of her golden Hathor alchemy bowl and the hypnotic tones of her beautiful voice. She led the way for us all to participate ~ Each person abetted by the Lions to sing loudly from the Heart, to create a symphony of unique sounds, in union with one another.

Learn more about her vocal workshops HERE

It was an empowering experience to be among so many who were willing to put aside their inhibitions and add their heart-light to the collective wishes for the future which we had placed in the center of our circle, to be watched over by the radiant star-guardians of our dreams.

The Lions encouraged us to view our uniqueness through the loving eyes of self-acceptance, because the more people who allow their authentic expression of individually to radiate from their heart-light, the brighter our world becomes. All that we create, the light and the dark, generates an impact which effects the collective. We were asked to be mindful of the energetic footprints we leave in our wake as we walk our chosen path towards the full embodiment of the sovereign-Self.


Personally there has been much recalibration taking place since 8-8, in order to function effectively in these new vibrations, and I've required much rest in order to integrate the aspects of Self which have been highlighted by the dazzling illumination of the Lion Gate.

The transcendent perspective offered by the lions brought a clearer view of some aspects of Self previously hidden in the shadows. This awareness has triggered a wave of necessary adjustment to the way I view/judge/criticize and avoid acceptance of some parts of my Sovereignty. I share this so that other who maybe be experiencing something similar know they are not alone. The Moon has played an important role in the creation of the vibrational soup of this time. We are currently still in the lunar phase initiated by the emotionally evoking Cancer New Moon on the 17th of July. It delivered such impactful frequencies that it created significant energetic anomalies at Avebury Stone Circle ~ To understand this statement fully, please read the New Moon, Quarter Moon, and Full Moon reports.

At 9am UK time on the 8th of August the moon made a conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, before sailing on through the starts to align with Uranus at the close of the day; the planet which invokes revolution in its quest to realize originality, independence and individual freedom. With Pluto, the planet of transmutation in the birth-death-rebirth cycle also actively contributing; is there any wonder that the energy of 8-8 Lion Gate was so charged with change this year? Part of me would love to be able to tell you that the transformation period will soon be over, and that the last part of this current lunation will bring these cosmic vibrations to a close; but I do not believe this is so. Although the Leo New Moon approaches, with it's inception at 10.38 BST in Avebury on the 16th August, we find the outer planets in the same degrees of the zodiac wheel as they were for 8-8, along with the Sun drifting along to sit in the spot which Venus occupied for the Lion Gate. With so many of the same star-points reactivated by the New Moon, there is the potentially that once again we will be challenged to review our Self-worth and our willingness, or resistance to, fully engaging with the creative power of our Sovereignty over the next moonth. Also, the Sun will be in alignment with Regulus, the brightest star of the Leo constellation, for 23-8-23 (23rd August 2023), as well as still being among the Leo stars at the next Full Moon on the 31st of August. We are not done with Lion wisdom yet. Those wishing to consciously engage with these energies, to better understand their impact, and to integrate their effects, are invited to join me for the meditation events that are planned to do so. View further details HERE I send my heart-felt gratitude to to all those who added their lion-hearted Love to the global heart-field of Light during Lion gate, especially those who joined me in Avebury throughout the day.

I feel the expansion from all that has been contributed, and my heart is full of joy and wonder, love and appreciated for all that has been shared ~ Surrounding every-body in starlight blessings, as always ~ Sue xXx


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