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Transformational Waves: Soul Evolution

Lunar cycle review: Virgo New Moon 7th September | 9:9 Energies | Pisces Full Moon 21st September | Equinox 22nd September | approaching Libra New Moon 6th October 2021.

The Ocean Jasper Phoenix has been the perfect companion for this lunation, as much transformation has been initiated by the starlight codes flowing onto the land from the fathomless depths of the Sea. More than once this month, in visions and dreams, I have found myself diving into deep waters to connect my breast-bone with the bedrock that forms the foundations of structure below the waves; with the song of the whale and the wisdom of the ancient sea turtle washing into my Heart-space to awaken some primal knowing deep within to allow more of my Soul-self to be present in the Now. I have found staying present through this process challenging, riding waves of emotional highs and lows as I bump into places of resistance in my psyche before breaking through to elevated perspectives of Self with joy. If you have been experiencing ups and downs in the last few weeks, you are not alone. The peace found in the stillness of Equinox was most welcomed, as will be the potential balance in the approaching Libra New Moon tomorrow. The Pisces Full moon at this peek of this powerful cycle brought a message: You are in a fully activated fertile environment for fulfillment where you are asked to commit completely to the process of inner development. Transcendence is the reward for self-discipline and dedication to spiritual practices. I have done what I can to honor this calling by engaging in both inner-work and journeying to special places on the Land to support the evolution of the golden flows within the planetary grids.

There have been several themes weaving together: 1. The role of death in the process of creation.

2. The vibrations held within the structure of water.

3. Ancient wisdom of the Kings.

4. The contribution of the Oak Trees to humanity.

Sea Henge on the North Norfolk coast in the UK bring all of these elements into unified focus and this is where I was been drawn to for the New Moon, Full Moon and Equinox in September. This ancient site once comprised of a great upturned Oak Stump surrounded by 55 smaller Oak logs which had been split and erected in a circle upon the salt marsh during 2049 BC. Learn more about Sea Henge HERE

Sacred Oak, King of the Woods, opens the door to the Heart, revealing the clarity of sovereignty held within and the joyful abundance of Love that flows through the Cosmos.

A message comes from the ancestors ~ a powerful King with a lineage reaching back to the beginning: 'Death is not to be feared. At this time of change some souls will choose to depart your world and move on to the next. There is no sadness here. It is time. Time for those who have a great heart and clear vision to hold the light, and for some this will be easier from a different perspective. Those who remain MUST powerfully hold this intention also.

It is a harsh truth, yes! Yet truth all the same, for the Earth herself is changing and re-balancing. Those who remain with her must walk her way in resonance. Less will not be tolerated by the great mother.

Those who remain will be changed ~ released from the old ways to start anew. And so it much be.

There is much benefit to being on the other side. Do not fear death but do not invite it prematurely. Your ability to adapt and thrive is more pronounced that you can imagine.

I come forwards to ask you and your people to find the hope that will strengthen Hearts, and a warning not to succumb to fear.

Balance to life's bio-systems are restored through a balanced Heart & Mind. Much must be purged of the old ways to attain this balance. (Sadness/Grief ~ Hurt/Resentment ~ Anger/Fear)

Peace is possible, peace within one's own Heart is the goal to strive for. Any one Heart at Peace contributes greatly to the collective heart-field and a positive outcome for ALL.

Water is the vessel of Life. It bring life, it breeds life, it sustains life. Water is at the source of the life flow on your planet and among the stars. The waters carry the star-codes of ascension. Bless the water and drink it's vitality'.

... and so it is that the soul evolves through these transformational waves. Like a pebble on a beach, washed too and fro in the surf, I have been shaped into a new way of Being. Surrounding every-body in Starlight Blessing, as always ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.

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