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Summer Solstice 2022: Avebury Stone Circle. New Light-code for Expansion

Solstice Sunrise at Avebury 05.13 BST on Tuesday 21st June 2022. Solstice Zenith 10.15 BST.

It was an early start to arrive in Avebury in the twilight-time. The sleepy sheep were with me to witness to the giant quarter moon rise into the pre-dawn sky, punctuated by the accompanying bright dots of light, as Jupiter, Mars and Venus highlighted the path of the ecliptic.

As the morning sky brightened, pillows of mist billowed out of the ditch of the Henge and across the meadow of the inner circle, like low level clouds gently blowing through, whilst the sky turned deep pink in the stillness of these precious in-between moments.

A peaceful crowd gathered on the north-east ridge of the Henge to await the arrival of the Sun.

Sunrise was spectacular, with Golden Light flooding in to empower our Hearts with Joyful rays of illumination, radiating an uplifting atmosphere among all those who turned out to welcome the Sun. I perceived it as an activation for the Heart of Humanity to initiate new vibrations of Love.

It was a blissful blessings to be at this ancient sacred site to anchor the Solstice Light into this potent access point of the Earth-grid network.

There have been some important star-codes to receive over Solstice this year, which I feel have added another layer to the matrix that has been forming during the Eclipse Season this spring, to support our next phase of expansion on both a personal and planetary level. The Sun reached zero degrees of Cancer on the zodiac wheel at 10.15 BST to mark the Solstice Moment. Our group was in meditation at this time to connect in a conscious way with the balance point between Light & Dark. As we breathe in the purity of maximum illumination In the north, the southern hemisphere was poised to welcome the return of the light from the darkness. We connected with the Starlight from Menkalenan in the Auriga constellation through the golden pathway opened by the solar alignment with this blue/white double star, 81 light years away. It represents the right shoulder of the Charioteer, the hero who holds the reins to steer the direction of the solar chariot. The higher-dimensional Beings we met here brought messages, and I share below:

'In the depths of the Soul-Self a new light is forming. All light sources radiate luminance. Light expands, grows, spreads, even your Soul-Light. It now reaches further and is clearer/stronger, opening aspects of the Self to new experiences. A new way of Being beckons and awaits you. The dawn of a new way is here now. There will be much to learn as you embody this new way. Trust! Trust in the guidance of the Heart, it will illuminate the path to follow and show the way.

The cycles of Light within ebb and flow just like the seasons of the Sun, but on a much longer wavelength. The light rises now for all inhabitants of your world, your solar system, galaxy and star sector. All share the same evolutionary time-code. Remember that. You are not on this journey of expansion alone. You are however, the director of your own Light. When an emotional desire for stability arises, it can be found in the clear acceptance of the Light within the Self. New aspects of Self awaken into a new paradigm. Dormant aspects arise from within. The star-codes of this time are the launch-pad into the New. New things await to be learned about the Self. There are boundaries to step beyond as you grow into a new sense of Self. Faith is called for. Faith in the power of the Self as a creative force. Hidden/invisible structures (in the unseen realms) bring sustenance to all Life and new possibilities await'.

We were gifted two energy activation's. One for the Soul-Star, the point of light above the crown which opens this personal portal to the cosmic realms, and the other for the base chakra. The latter was to anchor the radiance of our unique vibration into the Earth, to open an alignment with the Dream-of-Dreams held in the Heart of Gaia, so that we could contribute to the collective in an enlightened way, and find a clearer understanding of our creative role. It was a deeply balancing, relaxing and empowering experience which highlighted our Multi-Dimensional nature. Gratitude goes to all those who joined me on this journey. I send Starlight Blessing and much Solstice Love to ALL, as always ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.


Solstice Meditation from Avebury Stone Circle with Sue Coulson


Join us online at the Cancer New Moon for a Cosmic Connection Meditation. 28th June 2022. 19.30 to 21.00 BST (UK) Check your timezone Registration information can be found HERE

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