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Sagittarius Super Moon: Illumination to Purge & Reprogram Limiting Beliefs.

Sagittarius Full Moon ~ 14th June 2022 at 12.52 BST (UK Time, adjust for your location)

Mercury in alignment with the Pleiades (3rd Pass of the retrograde cycle).

Grand Cross: Sun & Moon, Air & Fire. Ascendant & Neptune, Earth & Water. Earth Trine: Venus. Pluto. Ascendant. Venus & Uranus close to conjunction.

Mars & Chiron direct conjunction.

There were some potent alignments among the planets at this time, which held the potential to initiate change. Lovely Venus was in her home sign of Taurus, in conjunction with revolutionary Uranus, activating an individualizing aspect of the feminine values. Also, masculine Mars was in his home sign of Aries, in conjunction with Chiron, the wounded healer, so we it was possible to anticipate a shift in the patriachal patterns too.

We looked to the Pleiades Stars to bring the Loving vibrations into play as a new balance was initiated between the Feminine and Masculine archetypes.

Mercury, planet of communication, was in alignment with the Pleiades Stars once again, bringing echos from the Eclipse Season forwards. For the Solar Eclipse on the 30th April 2022 Mercury was in alignment with the Pleiades before turning retrograde. Mercury's reverse motion through the stars brought it back into alignment with the Pleiades on the same day as the Sun made it's annual connection to these sacred stars, on the 21st May 2022. Mercury was moving forwards again at the time of this Full Moon, to make it's third pass of this important source of Loving illumination, amplifying the connection.

Much has been gifted energetically in the past few weeks by the beautiful and benevolent Beings who call the Pleiades home. I have been tracking the incoming star-codes closely. There was an opportunity here to receive their next major transmission to support our evolution in compassionate consciousness.


Outdoor Cosmic Connection Meditation over the zenith of the Full Moon.

The Sagittarius Full Moon vibrations inspired blue-sky thinking, opening the pathway to a broader perspective of how the individual Self is connected to, and contributes to, the collective.

The energy pathways which flow through the Stone Circle here in Avebury were coursing strongly over the peak of this powerful super-moon, to bring purification to those willing to engage in a conscious way, so that a clearer understanding of one's spiritual values could be embraced.

The starlight codes we receive to weave into the evolving tapestry of a new paradigm felt full of potential, like a trampoline, there have been high's and low's as we gain momentum, but the luminance we integrated today is set to launch us through the transition point we have been awaiting, to fulfill our desire of the future dream we are holding. Message from the Stones: With patience, hold resolute to the vision of your dreams.


Pleiades Star Wisdom Meditation Workshop

In the evening our online group met to receive Star Wisdom from the Pleiades Stars, utilizing the connection amplified by Mercury's (the planet of communication) alignment with these culturally important stars in the Taurus constellation.

We focused awareness on what Pleione could share with us. Pleione, is a sea nymph, the mother of the Seven Sister who give their names to the prominent Stars in the Pleiades star-cluster.

The physical properties of this dwarf blue/white star brought greater awareness to the purging process that had been touched upon earlier in the day. Pleione is a binary star. It's primary component is spinning so fast upon it's own axis that it is excreting matter into space; reminding us that as we refine our vibration we too must release layers of over-laid pattering and programming from our consciousness.

We received star-codes to activate new aspects of the Crown & Brow Chakra's, with additional adjustments to the occipital junction.

Then, with a humble heart, personally I was introduced to the Elven Queen of Queens.

Her elegant beautiful and sense of exquisite nobleness was a sight to behold. She exuded calmness and clarity from her whole Being with a luminant presence.

She gave me a message: 'I have wisdom to teach. Woman to Woman. Queen to Queen. Sovereign Being to Sovereign Being.

Step into the ownership of your authority. Listen more acutely to the wisdom of the Heart. Too much time is wasted on worry as you allow your mind to ponder all possibilities. This is part of the patriarchal patterning which requires purging in order for transcendence into the new paradigm to occur.

Allow the power of the light offered here to purge old programming from your mind and body. A new way awaits you. Fling off the outer layers and hold only to the core of Self ~ the aspects of your pure radiance.

Trust! I see you, and all that you do in Love.

Do not allow those who do not see your heart-light to influence you. Hold true to the knowing of your Being. Only your perception of Self matters. Remember that your perception of Self is reflected back to you from others, and only those projections which have a place to land will touch your awareness. See your Heart as a Diamond. Clean and polish the surface of each facet so that you can clearly see the radiance which radiates from within'.

Our group took this wisdom to heart and connected our Diamond-Hearts together by acknowledging the light each one of us radiates. Collectively we were gifted a pure drop of water to refresh the water systems of our world. It was delivered through the oceans, but the vibration it carried radiated through the whole hydrological system until it reached the place deep in the Earth where water is birthed into being, establishing 'purity' in the creation codes that support all life.

It was a powerful session and we all felt elated by the experience. There was more that occurred, much more... the essence of which can now be felt in the Earth and the ether ,as these vibrations are now embedded for all to access.

They bring an expansion to the perception of Self and the potential of integration in a more conscious way into the energetic systems of the Cosmos. Restrictions have been released to open boundaries, beyond which an elated sense of freedom can be enjoyed.

To close the day it was a breathtaking blessings to witness the beautiful moon crest over the south-eastern horizon of Avebury's sacred landscape as a massive orange orb. At the same time the Sun set in a blaze of colour in the north-west, close to it's apogee, seem as we are nearing summer solstice.

It was a super-moon, which means that our natural satellite was closer to our planet than normal due to a slight variance in it's orbital path, making it look bigger from our point of view. The Full Moon on the 13th July this year is also be a super-moon.

In the stillness of a perfect summers eve, the sky was bathed in the most striking hues of Blue, Gold and Silver. A sight that brought much joy to my Heart.

Sending starry blessings to ALL on the moonbeams from Avebury ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.


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