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Star Wisdom: Light-Beings of Sadalsuud

I find myself wide awake in the middle of the night, aware of an intense yellow light flowing in to a sacred site from the starlight realms. It is as soft and delicious as a lemon wine-gum, with the same bitter-sweet sharpness that stimulates the senses, to deliver a buzz of acute pleasure.

As the energy expands I feel it radiate through my body, and through the body of the earth, to clear pathways upon which new levels of Joy can flow. It dissolves the tension in my body, right down to the cells, and I experience a deep state of relaxation, relief and a reset as I surrender.

The source of this starlight is a dazzling super-giant named Sadalsuud, the brightest star in the Aquarius constellation. It is 2,300 times brighter than our Sun, and gifts us the cosmic codes in this moment which pave the way for all that will be accessible to us through the approaching energeitc portal of the Aquarius New Moon, and beyond.

It's name means 'Luck of Luck' and much solace can be gained by aligning with the vibrations offered here.

In this bliss-filled moment there is a heightened awareness of the golden pathways of inter-connectivity within me, and around me; which interlace my sense of Self with the Cosmos.

A high-pitched sound signals the arrival of higher-dimensional Beings from this star, who's presence is as enveloping as a soft white marsh-mellow, delicate and refined. A message is delivered:

'There is truth in the message we bring. Open your heart to receive.

There is light in the darkness when the spark of creation is ignited within. Focus the mind on the dream, and allow the heart to attune to the impulse which will manifest the moment of action to deliver this desire to your door'.

I question these words in my mind, and the response is immediate. 'Yes, we speak of the creation process. It is a whole body experience. The energy of the dream must be received and welcomed on all levels.

I feel descending waves ripple through my body as they demonstrate the creative flow.

Again they emphasize the importance of maintaining focus and the willingness to soften and surrender.

'Do not allow yourself to get distracted or disturbed. Focus'

These words are shared here to encourage you to make a conscious connection with these beautiful Beings, to receive the knowing they bring at this time, as it are available to ALL.

I send Love and Blessings to surround every-body, as always ~ Sue

Sue Coulson: Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.

Original Artwork. 6.2.21

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