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Libra Full Moon with the Star Faeries at Avebury Stone Circle

The current lunar cycle reached the peak of it's luminance at 19.55 BST (UK Time, adjust for your timezone) on Easter Saturday ~ 16th April 2022

At this time we found the Full Moon in Libra on the zodiac wheel but nestled among the Virgo stars in the night sky due to procession. Whether you use Tropical or Sidereal astrology to interpret the energy, both speak of the importance of balance at this time.

Integration is called for between Head and Heart in order claim a new perspective of Self, where one's self-worth is fully appreciated for the value which this empowered sense of self contributes to the collective.

Now is a good time to cultivate a deeper relationship with all aspects of the Self, as personal power is a true gift to ALL.

The challenges posed by relationship dynamics dissolve when one can stay focused in the Heart, which is easy to do when greeted by such a breath-taking sight.

Upon concluding our meditation among the Avebury Stones, we opened our eyes to a spectacular view of the moon rising over the bank of the Avebury Henge, framed perfectly between two stones.

Earlier in the day there was a gathering the Cosmic Classroom™ to connect in a conscious way with the Star Faeries. Much was received

We witnessed new strands of starlight falling to our Planet. Strings of diamonds on shimmering thread of sunlight, like a beaded curtain twinkling in the breeze, delivering full-spectrum rainbow rays to Earth which are as nourishing to the crystalline matrix forming the foundations of a new paradigm as rain it to all the life forms who dwell here.

Each facet of each gem-stone is a window into a different dimension. Each reality with-in reflects the image of another diamond with multiple facets of it’s own, and each smooth surface opens a portal to another realm where another diamond resides. On and on in this way, the new starlight codes expand the fractal lattice of the cosmic infra-structure anchored to the Heart of Gaia by her Diamond Light to create more space in the space between spaces for ALL.

We could feel this a spaciousness in our awareness. A subtle knowing that ‘something’ is shifting on some level that we struggle to define. Sensitivity is heightened, and more information from unseen sources is received. Acknowledging this expansion feels like a relief. Acceptance brings a fresh sense of peace, as the mind surrenders its quest for understanding so that a new level of heart-lead consciousness can form which aligns our physical persona more fully with our multi-dimensional Being.

The Star-Faeries have been a guiding force, stepping forwards from the boundaries of our reality to open the doorways to more…….

Galaxethel (pictured here) joined my team over the Easter weekend to bring this transmission through from a star named Spica, which was in alignment with the Moon.

Myself and the Star Faeires are sending starry blessings to surround every-body in Love, as always, as we find a new balance point between Head and Heart. ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.


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