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Aries New Moon Energy Report from Avebury Stone Cirlce.

1st April 2022 at 07.24 BST (UK Time)

The rose-coloured sun rose at 6.50 am into a clear blue sky, sending golden rays of light to dance among the sacred stones and quickly melt the ice crystals which sparkled, diamond-like, upon the crisp meadows. In this way new structural codes were delivered into the water ways to infuse the hydrological systems with fresh starlight.

The harsh low light cast long shadows and highlighted contrasts and contours in the stones. This reflected the weather patterns of the past couple of day. Sunshine, then swirling Snow. Icy stillness followed by strong blustery gusts which made the grass weave and tested the flexibility of the trees for a few moments.

All of this has been mirrored in my emotional state as we approached the Aries New Moon moment, which seems set to trigger a new way of thinking about the fundamental thoughts/beliefs which form the structures of the Self. The Sun and Moon are in conjunction with Mercury (Mind/Thought) and Chiron (The wounded healer) at this time, so there is a wonderful opportunity to purge the old and plant new seeds as we begin this new Lunar year.

For me it feels like an in-between space of contradictions, like being overly tired and unable to sleep. Wanting to be immersed in stimulating loud music which resonates with the internal vibrations of motion, and also in the stillness of silence where the vastness of the Self can be experienced. Wanting to connect with others and yet feeling the need to isolate too, in order to nurture oneself through steps of change which lead towards a new path.

Emotionally, the inner child is having a 2 year old temper tantrum, knowing there is more to reach into and express, but feeling the frustration of not yet being able to do so effectively. The grown-up aspect of Self has been through similar cycles of development before and knows that patience and trust is needed. All is as it should be. Growth take time and always follows cosmic laws of expansion. The energy this morning pulled awareness to the center. The center of the Self, the center of the Circles, and the center of the Earth, to find a sense of stability and support from the inside-out. The Earth currents which pass through this ancient sacred site held stillness in their center-points today, with strong energy on the outer edges of the waves.

Message from the Stones: The purity of the inbound crystalline codes deliver a new layer of cosmic-consciousness. Utilize the unclouded focus of the naive-Self to open new possibilities on all levels. Concentrate!

Surrounding every-body in New Moon Blessings and Starlight, as always ~ Sue 🌙🌟✨


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of Avebury Stone Circle.


Find information HERE about future Moon Meditation, both Outdoors among the Avebury Stones, and Online Live from the Cosmic Classroom™ within the Avebury Circle.

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