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Virgo Full Moon: Foundational Equinox Star-Codes

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

18th March 2022 at 07.17 GMT

Synchronistically the Full Moon falls nicely into the gap in the solar cycle where the actual length of daylight is nearest to it's equilibrium over Avebury.

Thursday 17th March sees the sun rise over the stones at 6.17am and set at 6.15pm giving 11hrs and 58mins of daylight; the closest we will get to an equal 12 hours this year.

Friday 18th March sees the sun rise over the stones at 6.14am and set at 6.17pm giving 11hrs and 57mins of daylight; one minute longer... and so the light will grow towards summer solstice...

Equinox is marked on calendars as the time the Sun moves to zero degrees of Aries on the zodiac wheel, beginning a new annual astrological cycle, which this year is: 15.33 GMT (UK Time) on Sunday 20th March.

The current lunar cycle started for me by the Sea, with the watery Pisces new moon on the 2nd March. There have been many waves in the cosmic currents in the last two weeks as this energy has grown, all of which have been felt, witnessed and released to allow the next surge of change to be received fully.

Today water particles filled the foggy air and laid sparkling on the dew-soaked land like diamonds, as the moon set and the sun rose over the sacred Avebury Stones.

The star-path of the Virgo Full Moon has brought ripe seeds of yellow-starlight from the goddess of the zodiac, who scattered these perfectly formed packets of potential into the structures forming the foundations of a new way of Being for ALL.

These light-codes have been a trigger for a shift in perspective, as they invited a personal sacrifice. The light-beings from Zavijava (the beta star of the Virgo constellation) brought their gentle support as the 'coping mechanisms' within the mental/emotional/physical constructs of the Self were cleared to bring more freedom-of-movement at all levels.

It is time to let go of the crutches that have helped us to get around whilst feeling out of balance, as they will slow us down in the future. The Equinox energies bring a new level of stability/equilibrium from within, which allow for a smooth and fluid flow with one's empowered life-force vibrations.

New levels of illumination are available. The solar-plexus is key to discerning which avenue-of-light to directed our creative powers towards. The lens of the mind can be focused sharply now on a goal deserving of our Light and Love with this refined awareness.

Message from the Stones: Be present NOW, with the whole of you. You are the Light illuminating your world.

I send starlight blessings to surround everybody, as always ~ Sue


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.

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