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Spring Equinox In Avebury Stone Circle

20th March 2022 at 15.33 GMT

The Equinox weekend brought bountiful blessings and so much starlight into the Avebury circle, to empower the energy lines which flow through here in order to contribute to the illumination of the global grids.

For the equinox moment on Sunday 20th March the Sun was streaming in so much Light to our circle of special souls. It was dazzling. There was a strong sense of expanded stillness and Peace as we connected our Hearts with other lightworks around the planet who were holding the light-of-Love for our world.

I am so grateful to the lovely friends, old and new, and the dear star-sisters who joined me to bring in new stellar-codes gifted to us from the higher-dimensional Beings-of-Light from the stars. There was such a powerful column of light beaming in these new vibrations. There message was one of emergence into a new way of being. 'It is time to embody more fully the Soul-Self and empower the Creator-Self to take the necessary actions to build the platform of unification which your dreams show us is possible'.

On Saturday we took a deep dive into the starlight realms to receive specific seeds-of-light from the orange star, Deneb Kaitos in the Cetus constellation, the celestial whale. This activation was to initiate a fathomable level of Trust in the flows of the cosmic currents, and to bring a simple but profound message: Use Peace to Create Peace!

The Light-Beings we encountered here brought awareness to the breath and the contributions the Wind brings to nurture our bodies. There was a question from them: How much do you allow the energetic systems which surround you to support you?

On reflection it seems so much is available from the elemental forces, yet in our modern way we have not be taught to receive the most fundamental forms of enabling energy available to us.

Another message: 'Breathe deeply and fully my friends. There is much to be conscious with, held in the Wind, Water, Light/Fire and the Earth'.

Listen to the heartbeat of the Earth and awaken your senses to the vibrations which rise through her veins. Her pulsing rhythm sings to your Heart to call your body into resonance with her great structures. You are connected.

Like a mother carrying a child, life-force energy is gifted through the umbilical chord. What befalls the mother befalls the child. The Earth dreams of new possibilities and so does your Soul-Self. Mankind has manufactured Fear and it has been fed to all who feel empty.

Fill yourself with your Soul-Light and trust in the support and sustenance provided for you by your Mother. She knows how to move and grow in the cosmic cycles of change. Practice Self-Acceptance. Practice Self-Love. Empower the Self and Trust'.

It is time for me to take a breath now and to integrate all the wonderful things that have been gifted to me in the last few days.

Surrounding every-body in starlight blessings of Peace and Love, as always ~ Sue ☯️🌔✨


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of Avebury Stone Circle.

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