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Elven Support: Stepping into the Light-Stream to Create the Dream.

A message for Crystal Skull Sunday: 10th April 2022

Jupiter, the God of the Air is moving ever closer to Neptune, the God of the Seas, so that they can embrace each other fully for one fluid moment (on the 12th April) among the dreamy Pisces Stars.

Their motion stirs the mind into greater awareness of the unseen realms where a deeper understanding of the Cosmic Self can be found. ~ Where strands of light which connect our physical form to other dimensional aspects of Self become more clearly visible.

Awaking: the dazzling light of a new day beckons me from my dreams into the realm of 'reality'. As the warming rays of the Sun touch my eyelashes, I peep out through this veil in perception, where the jewels of rainbow sparkles refract from these beaded curtains which form the boundary between my inner and outer vision. Just for a moment my consciousness is fully present in both. The visual details are my dreams are still as clear in my mind as the solid structures of the outer world, which are now coming into view.

In this liminal state I am aware of the presence of a noble Elven One from the Stars. I see his beautifully formed face before me, framed in long strands of silver hair which flashes with the grace of gold in the sunlight. He is standing on the bank of a fast flowing river which sparkles so brightly is seems to be carrying liquid light.

He reaches out a hand of friendship, to invite me to step into a small open boat which awaits us.

I hear his message in my mind as unspoken words: 'YOU have lead the journey over the land to this sacred place, where the solid earth meets the starlight rivers which connect you to the cosmos. Allow me to teach you how to master this vessel'.

At the same time as the words were received there was deep sense of knowing that the 'YOU' he spoke of was not directed at my individuality. It was a collective YOU, a collective a women. I saw images of many of the women who I am connect to in my spiritual community, and then others, many others from different parts of the world, and in different era's. It was a quick flash, showing a long journey of evolution, now coming to fruition in this moment.

More words were received: 'YOU are the chosen ones. The light-bearers who have come into Being now to create the vision of all buoyant dreams. You are here to anchor the harmonics of the orchestral light into tangible reality. The dream of all dreams lives in the Heart of Gaia and it can only be accessed through the human Heart.

Nurture your own individual-light so that your earthly-Self finds resonance with the fully expanded version of you, ever growing, moment by moment, in each Now perspective. Call in the vision of the dream for the dream-realm which sing the loudest to your Soul, and trust in the etheric currents which will carry you forwards towards the fruition of their creation'.

I accept his outstretched hand and step into the boat. It seems like a massive step. A life-changing step. With both feet now aboard I feel the power of the current flowing below me, along with much gratitude for his reassuring presence by my side. I acknowledged the relief that I sense growing within. Obviously some previously unrecognized anxiety had risen at the thought of stepping into this new experience alone.

A radiant glow built in my chest as my Heart expanded, bigger than ever before, and a smile formed so broadly on my face that the movement of the muscles broke the spell I had been captivated by, bringing me fully present with my body in my bed.

As I reflect, I am excited for what will unfold in the coming days, weeks, months and years, as I integrate all this might mean for me, and as more and more of our people step into the Light.

Surrounding every-body in starlight blessings, as always ~ Sue 🌟✨


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.


Image: Iisii. A clear quartz Star Elfin from Sue's personal collection who has supported many journeys into the starlight realms to meet with the High Elven Ones of the Pleiades Stars. The Star Elfin's were a new design for 2021, lovingly created by the Henge Skulls Avebury team.

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