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Expansion into Freedom

A timely lesson in letting go…

I share a tender-hearted experience, as I bring news that the brightest Light of my world for so many years has now expanded beyond that which his physical form could contain.

As the deeply transformational eclipse season we have been labouring through for the past two moon-ths drew towards its close, and we prepare to began a New Year, my shining star chose to leave his earthly life and move on to other realms. Some of you know that his body has been struggling to maintain balance with the enormity of his radiant Being for a while now. Released from his pain, my precious one is finally at peace.

There was a beautiful moment between us in the wee small hours of a challenging night. I had called to the spirit of White Wolf for support, as together we have found help here before, but it was a snow-white Artic Fox who came to assist us, with such a refined vibration. I watched in reverence as this serene creature completed a circle of delicate footsteps around my darling’s distressed body as he lay on the floor. Each footfall landed like a snowflake: softly, gently and silently; yet I could sense the vastness in the luminous purity which radiated from each paw-print, with the intention to bring clarity and calmness. A wave of expansion rushed through my own body like a shiver from a cold breeze, and in that moment my angel took a deep breath, sighed, and relaxed; stretching out to lay on his side in comfort for the first time in days.

There was a silent conversation between us. My darling dog told me it was the right time for him to let go. He said: with all the inner work that has taken place to develop Self-Love, ‘you’ are now strong enough to be here without me. Your heart had grown enough to fully embody the light of your soul-self, and my presence by your side is no longer needed. With your acceptance of the self-empowering Solstice Light-Codes our Earthly contract has been completed.

Flint has been a constant loving companion, never far from my feet, just like a light-shadow; bringing structure and a sense of grounded-ness to life, as his name would imply. I am beyond grateful for the blessings of joy his presence has gifted me, and for the laughter and all the wonderful things he has taught me about Love through our many years together. He has lived a fulfilled and happy life. I feel blessed that I could be with him right until the end.

The house seems quite now. The place where his bed and bowl should be are empty, but the Light of his Love will continue to guide me from the unseen-realms, I am certain. All those we Love are never lost, for we are connected forever through our Hearts. He has ascended to a higher plane ahead of me to show me the way into the New Paradigm.

New levels of freedom are found.


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.

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