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Full Moon: Galactic Chakra Activation & Pearls of Wisdom from the Elven Queen

19th December 2021 at 04.35 GMT ~ Gemini Full Moon & Alignment with Galactic Center

Three events took place to connect with the potent energy of this special full moon. The first was an online meditation group a few hours prior to the precise alignment, the second was a personal vigil at the zenith, and the final one was a wonderful whole day gathering in Avebury with some dear Star Sisters.

This Full Moon expanded the transformational light-code initiated at the new moon's Solar Eclipse on the 4th December to their full illumination, creating another portal through which yet more starlight transmission could be received in preparation for Solstice on the 21st Dec.

At the peak of this Full Moon, 04.35 GMT (The early hours here in the UK. Please adjust for your time zone), we found the Sun in alignment with the Galactic Center, and the Moon close to a star named 132 Taurus, opening a corridor of clear connectivity to inter-galactic sources. We connected with the Orange starlight travelling to us from 132 Taurus and welcomed communication with the higher-dimensional Beings of this inter-galactic beacon. We were gifted star-codes to integrate our personal galactic chakra's into the Cosmic infra-structures, and were then directed into the Earth to follow the light-paths in the earth-grids which establish the inter-connectivity between our terrestrial star-gate portals and this transmission/receiver station for the physical dimensions. Message: 'Trust in the flow. Allow the rigid structures of the Mind to soften and dissolve by allowing the Heart to lead the way. Trust in the Self. Trust in the universal laws. Trust in your companions, for they too hold the potential to trust in the Self. When all hearts follow the flows, the collective will form a coherent existence as sweet as any Symphony, with each element recognized for its contribution to the joyful sounds of the whole song'.

Flashes of blue light appear in the room.

The High Elven of the Pleiades stars draw close along with many, many other from the Star Nations. I am told that many are seeking an audience and have messages to share. The Beings of 132 are no visible to me, although I sense their presence, and they tell me that they are operators of this beacon, which is a relay station in the third dimensional realm. It can be utilized to receive information from the third, fourth and fifth dimensions to allow physical forms of Beings to communicate with our solar system from great distances. They like to be intermediaries.

It is difficult to sleep with so much illumination around, so the night in spent feeling into the transcendent energies, which pulse through the body in waves, and in communion with the higher-dimensional Beings of the Stars.

Image: With kind permission from Lisa Benn

The early morning dive to Avebury was shrouded in fog, which brought a clear reminder to focus in the Now, as past and future are not relevant. A spectacular scene awaited. I arrived to witness the sacred stones bathed in the diffused light of the rising sun, revealing both their beauty and the radiant energy they emit.

With such a spectacular dawn there was not doubt that a wonder-ful day lay ahead for our Star Sister gathering.

It was the White Elder of Winter, the Elven Queen of the North, who stepped forwards to offers us words about Wisdom.

'Wisdom in the marriage of Head and Heart, knowledge and compassion'.

She gifted a Crown of Stars to all who were ready to receive, as an acknowledgement of equality in Sovereignty with those who have claimed the power of their individuality.

Her words at this ceremony are: 'Stand tall and proud. Hold your head up high. Allow your sovereignty to shine in every action, as you create your reality with Love and kindness. Compassion is a virtue to be cultivated. In so doing you free yourself from the judgement of Self and other, to align with the boundless joy of freedom. Wisdom in in action'.

Surrounded by a sacred grove of white crystalline beach trees which reached high into an unseen sky we stood together as a shower of iridescent light-codes fell from the starlight realms to awaken the pearls of wisdom held deep in our Hearts. This timeless knowing stirs now, in the growing light of a new paradigm, to remind us of the inherent gifts the human form embodies. Like a germinating seed resting in the dark soil of winter, something gently rouses in the consciousness of the collective which will allow us to rise into a new dimension of reality as it matures.

We each brought a string of starry pearls back from the Elven kingdom to be integrated into the Earth-structures by the Star-Faeries. Of course so much more unfolded on a personal level for us all, as much clearing was required to make way for the necessary expansion to integrate this awakening sense of Self. It was a blessings for us all to be surround by the loving support of our group, and I send my deep gratitude to all present for their whole-hearted participation. The foundations of Light ignited by this luminous moon were carried forward to Solstice by the Lantern of Elven Wisdom and joyful presence of the Star Faeries. Read more about this in the next report...

Surrounding every-body in starry blessings of Light, Love, Joy and Peace this Solstice and beyond ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.


It is will excitement and a wee bit of Elven inspired glee that I introduce you to a new blend of vibrational support offered by PipEssence.

The water memory contained in this blend of 'Elven Light' in part holds the energy of all the empowering Elven Wisdom that has flowed through the Cosmic Classroom™ this year in both Red and White Waters from Avalon which I collected at the Scorpio Full Moon in April 2021.

You can read the full story HERE

It has been a blessing to share this Elven Light journey with my dear star sister Pippa Handely Cooke, and I am so very pleased to see this energy launched at such an important transitional time.

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