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An Elven Dream

8th November 2021

An Elven Being steps forwards in my dream from a world of intense yet softly focused light, where time holds no reality, running both fast and slow all at once.

She calls to my Heart in a familiar way, beckoning me forwards to listen to her Starry wisdom.

Her sweet voice sings like a lullaby in my mind. 'Come dear one, come with me now. There are things to be seen'.

I move into her world obediently to be faced with expansive whiteness in a place that has no perceivable boundaries. I am alone here for she is gone.

I am left with myself, with no place to go, no way out or back. I am left here to be present with myself and myself alone.

I quickly understand this is what she wanted for me. She wanted me to see myself, and once the questions cease in my ordinary mind (where am I and why am I here, etc) I am able to settle into the Peace of this place and observe myself.

Slowly from beyond the humanness I see the Light within myself. Such beauty radiates from me. It brings tears of disbelief and then joy, as the barriers of shock, denial and self-judgement dissolved away.

This all happened many years ago. This dream contributed to a big awakening in my world view at the time and lead me to dedicate my life to the spiritual path I now walk.

I share this today as I find that on occasion I forget this knowing and get lost in the darkness. I think it is likely that we all have moments when we forget who we truly are at our core. I encourage you to take a little time to look within now, and remember who you are.

Surrounding every-body in Starry Blessings of Light and Love ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.


Maia (my Star Elfin in the picture above) is exquisitely carved from delicate blue African Amazonite. She is one of six Star Elfins who sit within a crystalline grid in the Cosmic Classroom to support my group work with the High Elven Starbeings of the Pleiades.

The Star Elfin's are a new design for 2021, created by the Henge Skulls Avebury team. View their website HERE.

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