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Make Peace with Yourself

Insights: 3rd November 2021

Allow yourself to be fully present in the moment by embodying the wholeness of who you are NOW.

Release yourself from the past by forgiving the Self and others. Release yourself from the future by dissolving all expectations. Hold faith in the presence of Self Now.

With a Heart at Peace there is resonance with wellness, abundance and the infinite intelligence of the Cosmos.

Outside distractions can be overridden by focusing the mind. Notice the mind lock onto triggers. Notice that a particular sight/sound/action 'triggers' a pattern by bringing the mind to an associated thought. That thought carries 'charge' which you feel as an emotion. The emotion is expressing an energy.

Awareness is key. Awareness comes more clearly to a peaceful Mind and a loving Heart.

It is only a thought and a thought can be changed.

*The above words are from a page in my journal. At the time I was sitting in silence to listen to the wisdom that flowed in during an automatic writing session on a day when life had pushed my buttons. Sometimes it really helps to 're-mind' the Self of such things.

I know I can embrace this change within, and so can you. I know you can. I know I can. I know I can. I know you can.

What will you choose?

This choice, each choice of thought, shapes the reality in which we dwell personally and collectively.

So I ask again, what will you choose?

I ask because for me I really noticed a positive shift in my energy when I chose to be more deliberate about my thought, and now I hope the same for you.

Sending Love and Blessing to ALL, as always ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.

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