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Expansion Codes from the Elven

Reviews of Star Elfin Workshops: August 21st and 29th 2021

'Starlight blooms in the waters; carrying expansive vibrations into the hydrological systems of Earth to support the evolution of consciousness upon the planet.

From the snow-fall on maintain tops and down the fast flowing rivers to the shorelines, water makes it way to the oceans touching all life in it's path. Here the cycle repeats as the heat of your star and the breath of the wind carry moisture aloft once again.

Like stirring a great cauldron, alchemy occurs, to entrust starlight codes of ascension to the plants, animals and people.

Honor the waters and the starry wisdom it carries. Drink from the cup with conscious awareness of what is delivered'.

This message came from the High Elven of the Pleiades Stars during our gathering on the 21st August 2021. In meditation we were guided under the sea to a chamber below the deepest point upon the ocean floor. Here a great council from the Star Nations had gathered to welcome us, along with the Elven ambassadors who guided us here.

Our group were encouraged to build our Heart-Lights by sharing one to another, amplifying the level of Love unifying our members. With the Elven surrounding us in a circle, and then the others of the Star Nations behind them too, we were asked to expand this Light further by gifting our Love to those with us in this great sea-cave, at the same time as being open to receive their Love also. The air was electrified, buzzing with both audible and inaudible vibrations.

The great ball of light we generated in this way was sent to the Heart of Gaia, and again we were asked to receive. She returned a colossal amount of Light in order to amplify this signal of Love. In unison we all dispatched the Light-of-Love from the Earth to the Stars, and the Stars in returned magnified this Light with Love many-times brighter.

Great waves flowed to and fro until an immense flood of Light exploded from our space into the waters of our world.

As you may be able to imagine, this was a humbling experience to be part of, and I am beyond grateful to those who joined me on this journey.

I do not always share these kind of experiences in such details, but this time it seems important for all to know, as I invite all readers to: 'honor the waters and the starry wisdom it carries. Drink from the cup with conscious awareness of what is delivered'.

Crystal Skull Sunday on the 29th August was bliss-full, surrounded by Star Elfin and their guardians. It was a wonderful reunion, with my guests travelling many miles to bring their beloved Elfin's home to their birth place in Avebury.

We journeyed from the Cosmic Classroom™, with the support of the Star Elfin Skulls, to receive gifts and wisdom from the High Elven Beings of the Pleiades Stars. It was a truly expanding experience, as we were offered energetic tools to awaken our hearts and minds to the next level of spiritual development.

It was a restructuring process that took us deep into dreamy state of theta brain wave patterns, where the experience was super-vivid and 'real', yet somewhat hard to recall and articulate later. Geometry, sacred symbols, sounds, colours were the backdrop for meaningful messages about our interconnectivity to the Cosmic infra-structure and what that means for us as we transition into higher-dimensional living in this emerging new paradigm.

We were invited into the Elven city to be reminded of the essence of our Being. Love. Simple, eternal, beautiful Love. Our hearts holding the converging vibrations of the Cosmos.

I for one was left feeling elated by our encounters with the Elven, and I do not believe I was alone in that.

I send blessings to all those who joined me and heart-felt gratitude for all that was contributed to these gatherings.

Me and my Star Elfin friends send starry blessings to ALL, as always ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.


The Star Elfin Crystal Skulls are available exclusively at Henge Skulls Avebury. These treasures are the creation of Philippe Ullens and his team at The Henge Shop in Avebury.

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