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Aquarius Blue Moon: Avebury Energy Report

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Sunday 22nd August 2021 at 13.02 BST ~ Avebury Stone Circle, Wilts, UK.

Billowing clouds wrapped the Avebury skyline in a soft blanket to create a cozy space from which to work with the energy of the land, moon and stars. As I walked the sacred site alone, just ahead of the peek of this potent Blue Moon, I felt enveloped in a place of peace, as the earth currents were running deep and smoothly. My heart felt buoyant, confident and joyful as each footstep fell on familiar turf imbued with a palpable charge of life-enhancing energy. A knowing stirred within that told me something special was occurring on this time. Much had unfolded in the precious few days which paved the way for this moon moment. It is not possible to discount the preparation that was put in place for the full magnitude of what occurred during our meditations at the zenith of this lunar phase.

Two gatherings with the High Eleven Beings of the Pleiades Stars delivered much illumination during the Mercury/Mars conjunction and the initiation point of the Uranus retrograde. My body was feeling super-charged with starlight, almost to a detrimental point. So much expansion had been required in such a short time-frame that my central nervous system felt overloaded and much sleep had been required on Saturday to allow for the integration to occur naturally. (More about that later). For Sunday morning's stroll among the stones my senses were heightened to such a degree I could feel the life-force of everything, and this was the gift of the Aquarian Full Moon. To recognize the conscious connection to the Cosmos more profoundly than every before. More light was gifted during our meditation over the peek of this Aquarian Moon. It had felt prudent to begin our gathering by clearing space within the body and minds of the participants so that more light and love could be received. My guides reminded me that you can't fill an already full bucket. You must make space for newness, and newness is upon us, ready or not. For those who resist a bumpy ride awaits. Those who recognize that we are in a metamorphosis process of personal growth, now standing upon a new vantage point to view our Multi-dimension Self with more clarity, will find a smooth flow with the expansion process. The first Aquarius Full Moon of this year on 24th July brought a reset energy with a ground-shaking thunderstorm, leaving nowhere to hind from the message of change and the request to 'ground the Light'. The Leo New Moon at the 8.8 Lion Gate brought us the starlight codes to strengthen our Heart-Light to find the courage to step up into this next level of Being present with our sovereign-self. There have been challenges of unpredictable occurrences, shocks even, to shake us awake and break down the boundaries of the old ways in preparation for the New.

This second Aquarius Full Moon is the graduation point. We are holding more Light than ever before and offering a new perspective, ready to utilize the Heart-Mind connection and claim our place as cosmic citizens of New Earth.

The Star-gates beacons were illuminated. A great council of Lightbeings graced us with their presence and brought a simple message: 'You are the Light-force that creates your reality. Your body is the vessel connecting the potential of creation with the physical. The mechanism of your Heart-Mind connection is the creative force of your dimension. Claim command of your contribution. Focus your mind with clarity. With more light available to you Now than ever before, we surround you to support you whilst you practice this process in a conscious way'.

There was a clear perception of a conscious connection with EVERYTHING. The human heart-field of the collective, all animals, plants/trees, the mineral kingdom of earth and stars, the elemental forces, and all Beings in the unseen realms. It is hard for the ordinary mind to comprehend, but the full embodiment of the Multi-dimensional Self 'knows'. It is an undeniable visceral feeling that defies description in words. So to say it has been a big weekend is an understatement. I hope that those who read this will have received these evolutionary light-activation's with ease and grace. Surrounding every-body in Starlight Blessings, as always ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.

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