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Countdown to Solstice: Day 11 to 20

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Expanding Consciousness in the countdown to Solstice

11th December 2021 ~ Courage.

I share insights that were gifted via a channeled message from a beautiful Venusian Being who came forwards last night during a 'Speaking with the Star Nations' meditation workshop. Venus is so prominent in the sky just now, we decided to visit the neighbours rather than travel further out into the starlight realms, as we usually do.

'We bring you courage and great strength to encourage you to live authentically as your Higher-Self. Trust in your integrity.

Hold no fear of what may be. Your projections are not a reality.

When you can achieve heart-alignment with the Light-of-Self, no darkness can cross your path. It is your own doubts/fears which open the door to shadows.

Darkness is a perspective. There is no more, or no less darkness now than at other times, it only appears so from your point of view.

You have the capacity to travel & could stay forever in the light if you were to choose to follow the path of the Sun. It is the same with the mind. The light is not gone, it is there always. There is only darkness in your thoughts if you allow your attention to stray from the light.

Claim your courage and clean up your consciousness. Follow your own path of ascension which will lead to the Souls alignment with the New Earth Vibrations.

You expect us to bring you great Love, for that is what you have been told of our kind, but the greatest Love of all resides within you, always!

There is no greater Love that the Light-of-Love held in the Heart when the Soul-Self is integrated fully with your earthly form. The only thing holding any separation between these two aspects of Self are the thoughts that are chosen ~ They allow or resist this alignment.

Claim your Courage and encourage others to do like-wise'.

12th December 2021 ~ Virtue

As today is an important numerological portal holding a high vibration, I have turned to my Crystal Quartz Star Elfin for our 'Word of the Day'.

Virtue is defined in the dictionary as 'behaviour showing high moral standards'.

There is a 16 century saying: 'Virtue is its own reward', meaning that the satisfaction of knowing that one has observed appropriate moral standards should be all that is sought.

The Elven Ones tell me that all Beings have a moral compass, even though not all hold the same values. There is a resonance in the Heart which guides ALL to a place of alignment with the Higher-Self. It is illuminated by the purity of the souls light and holds one to a path of integrity on the journey through life.

There is no greater gift to the Self than to experience the Peace which Virtue brings.

13th December 2021 ~ Simplicity

Celebrate natural beauty and adorn yourself simply with a striking smile. Your inner-light spread joy among all those you encounter.

Simplicity hold a strong vibration as it hides no falsehood or fear.

Simply BE all that you can be and align with your natural Self.

14th December 2021 ~ Rest & Reset

Take a moment to integrate all that has brought you to this resting place. Integrate the expansion that has occurred since the last pause. Acknowledge the new perspective that has been gained. Reset, and prepare to relaunch.

15th December 2021 ~ Independence.

I received a beautiful message from my guides today. A radiant Being-of-Light from Alcyone came forwards to share these words:

'Illuminated by the empowered Heart-Lights of a multitude of independent Beings a dazzling New Paradigm is activated by a co-operative collective.

Your inner-light is unique and independent. No other holds influence over your sovereign-self unless you concede.

Feed the creative fires which light your lantern of Joy and allow your individuality to shine'.

16th December 2021 ~ Surrender

As the seasonal shift of Solstice approached there is a clear reminder of the cyclic nature of the natural world. Today we are encouraged, by a message from the great consciousness of Gaia, to be mindful of our connection with these rhythms.

Change ebbs and flows around us and within us at all times. To follow these innate patterns in harmony with the greatest good required a willingness to surrender. 'One who stays with what is small, resisting the expansion of the moment, loses the opportunity to connect with what is Great, a personal alignment with the cosmic vibrations.

Surrender to the knowing of the Higher Self to find Peace within'.

17th December 2021 ~ Foundations

Cosmic Light flows to Earth on the Red-Rays today to bring new starlight codes to the Earth-grid network, to stabilize the foundations upon which the new Golden Age is forming.

Connect to their supportive structures.

18th December 2021 ~ Multi-Dimensional

Today as I sit in meditation with the council of Lightbeings from the Pleiades stars it is a representative of Merope who comes forwards with a message. In Greek mythology Merope was one of the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione, and the only one of the seven sisters to marry a mortal rather than a god. For this choice she was believed to be 'lost'. Being one of the fainter stars of the Pleiades cluster from our perspectives, she was the last of the named stars to be 'found' by astronomers. Vivid violet/white light can be received from this radiant Star, 630 times brighter than our Sun, and for those who choose to focus awareness of this corridor-of-light a connection can be made with the higher-dimensional Beings-of-Light who reside here. Message:

'At the submicro-scale of existence all matter, and hence all molecules/organisms/lifeforms, emanate from a source of potent potential as an energetic form. All consciousness is connected through this conduit of creation, for each aspects of consciousness hold this essence at its core.

It will serve you well to remember the Multi-dimensional nature of the Self and the inter-connectedness of ALL things. Through the realization that there is no separation, and nothing can be lost, the true nature of cause and effect can be embraced.

There are aspects of the Self in a multitude of places, spaces, time-lines, and dimensions. Your focus determines your reality.

Chose your thoughts and actions wisely. You chose for the Self, yes, but your choice effects the whole'.

19th December 2021 ~ Wisdom

Today the Full Moon expands the transformational light-code initiated at the new moon's Solar Eclipse on the 4th December to their full illumination, creating another portal through which yet more starlight transmission can be received in preparation for Solstice on the 21st Dec. At the peak of this Full Moon, 04.35 GMT (The early hours here in the UK. Please adjust for your time zone), we find the Sun in alignment with the Galactic Center, opening a corridor of clear connectivity to inter-galactic sources.

It is the White Elder of Winter, the Elven Queen of the North, who offers us words about Wisdom.

'Wisdom in the marriage of Head and Heart, knowledge and compassion'. She gifts a Crown of Stars to all who are ready to receive, as an acknowledgement of equality in Sovereignty with those who have claimed the power of their individuality.

Her words at this ceremony are: 'Stand tall and proud. Hold your head up high. Allow your sovereignty to shine in every action, as you create your reality with Love and kindness. Compassion is a virtue to be cultivated. In so doing your free yourself from the judgement of Self and other, to align with the boundless joy of freedom. Wisdom in in action'.

20th December 2021 ~ Ascension

Ascension is a step-by-step process eternally leading to a higher perspective. It provided moments in which to pause and reflect on the path which brought you to this point-of-view, but the journey has constant forward motion. You can-not unlearn are re-wind. Choose each step with care and compassion.


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.

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