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Countdown to Solstice: Day 1 to 10

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Expanding Consciousness in the countdown to Solstice

1st December 2021 ~ Begin with Peace.

2nd December 2021 ~ Maintain Balance.

Develop the Spiritual Self and the Physical Self in equal measure. (Above/Below. Outer/Inner. Intangible/Physical).

Nurture the Self in the same way as others you Love.

View triumph and disaster as equal blessings. What was and what could be, reality and dreams, are all illusions.

Main Balance in the NOW!

3rd December 2021 ~ Release.

Release! Make space for the New.

4th December 2021 ~ Expansion

The day of the Solar Eclipse. Read more insights HERE

5th December 2021 ~ True Colours Message from Zoya for Crystal Skull Sunday:

'In times of darkness the inner-light reveals ones true colours.

Those who have found self-acceptance shine with a radiance of Self-Love which illuminate all aspects of Self.

Those who fear the dark will remain in the darkness until they embrace the necessary change-of-heart to ignite the spark of self-worth'.

Shadow-times bring us opportunity of assessment and transformation. Be gentle with yourselves dear friends through these re-structuring energies.

6th December 2021 ~ Trust

You are always being guided by your Heart on a path to your greatest good.


Be content to take one step at a time and enjoy the journey. A new perspective is revealed in each moment offering something to marvel at and appreciate.

7th December 2021 ~ Question

The questions we are willing to explore determine the expansion of our reality.

What we perceive is unique to our individuality.

Question: What do you see?

8th December 2021 ~ Above and Below

Open yourself to be a clear conduit for cosmic currents to flow from above and below.

In this way a contribution is made towards expanding the Light for ALL.

9th December 2021 ~ Joyousness

One can be joyous in what one is doing and still be firm with one's principles.

Choose which way to strive for happiness: 1. by indulging purely in worldly pleasures 2. by following one's virtue, where pure joy and bountiful blessings reside.

Today our message of inspiration come from the I-Ching: The book of changes and the unchanging truth.

When I think of balanced joyousness I think of the precious time I spend among the Avebury Stones. My Heart is at home here. I can enjoy simple pleasure in the wonderment of nature and the blissful energy of this special ancient site. My endless appreciation of this transcendent place keeps me connected to my higher purpose.

10th December 2021 ~ Focus on Light

'Focus on the Light. The Light Rays bring clarity, wisdom and truth. They fuel the creative forces flowing through a peaceful Heart'.

As the nights draw in, closer and closer to solstice, the awareness of darkness grows.

This lunar cycle is also carrying the Eclipse codes adding another dimension of shadow.

Now is the time to fan the flames of the inner light and reveal the dazzling illumination of one's soul-light and it's gift to the world.


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.

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