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Venus Message: Value Your Self-worth

11th December 2021: Countdown to Solstice ~ Expanding Consciousness

Venus is very prominent in the sky above Avebury at this time as the Evening Star. She is seen here above The Henge Shop/Cosmic Classroom, along with the Moon a few days ago.

She is in a direct alignment with Pluto today 11th December, at 15.36 GMT.

Venus is moving slowly through the starry background from our point of view this month as she will begin her retrograde cycle on the 19th December, just a few hours after the peak of the potent Full Moon two days prior to Solstice.

Pluto's transformational influence with have a hold on her values through all of December.

Her backwards journey will see her coincide precisely with Pluto again on Christmas Day at 11.36 GMT, and then with the Sun on Sun-day 9th January 2022.

After the 14th January she will emerge from the Light of the Sun to become the Morning Star, bringing her illuminated wisdom to the Dawn of each day of the New Year.

She will continue in her retrograde motion until 29th January before turning direct. Venus will meet up with Pluto for a 3rd time on 3rd March 2022.

You are invited to take a moment to welcome the energy she brings today, as the ripples of her vibrational influence will continue to be felt through to spring.

I share insights that were gifted via a channeled message from a beautiful Venusian Being who came forwards last night during a 'Speaking with the Star Nations' meditation workshop. Venus is so prominent in the sky just now, we decided to visit the neighbours rather than travel further out into the starlight realms, as we usually do.

'We bring you courage and great strength to encourage you to live authentically as your Higher-Self. Trust in your integrity.

Hold no fear of what may be. Your projections are not a reality.

When you can achieve heart-alignment with the Light-of-Self, no darkness can cross your path. It is your own doubts/fears which open the door to shadows.

Darkness is a perspective. There is no more, or no less darkness now than at other times, it only appears so from your point of view.

You have the capacity to travel & could stay forever in the light if you were to choose to follow the path of the Sun. It is the same with the mind. The light is not gone, it is there always. There is only darkness in your thoughts if you allow your attention to stray from the light.

Claim your courage and clean up your consciousness. Follow your own path of ascension which will lead to the Souls alignment with the New Earth Vibrations.

You expect us to bring you great Love, for that is what you have been told of our kind, but the greatest Love of all resides within you, always!

There is no greater Love that the Light-of-Love held in the Heart when the Soul-Self is integrated fully with your earthly form. The only thing holding any separation between these two aspects of Self are the thoughts that are chosen ~ They allow or resist this alignment.

Claim your Courage and encourage others to do like-wise'.

So with that I encourage you to look within for your own light-of-Love and I send blessings for Avebury, as always ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos.

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