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22-9-22 Equinox Transmission

Online ~ Live via Zoom

Avebury Star Portal Meditation
Thursday 22nd September 2022

19.00 to 21.00 BST (UK Time)

Exchange £22.22

See full details and terms & conditions below

There is much excitement and a great deal of joyful anticipation for the balancing light-codes which are promised from the Star-guardians through the 22-9-22 Star Portal on the 22nd September 2022.


This 2 hour ONLINE meditation workshop is offered just a few hours prior to the Equinox moment to connect in a conscious way with the starlight transmissions activated by potent planetary alignments at this time.  We find the Sun in direct conjunction with Mercury, both sitting opposite Neptune and Jupiter, whilst Venus, Uranus and Pluto hold a Earth Trine in place to anchor these new vibrations in the Earth-grids through the ancient sacred site of Avebury's Stone Circle.


As the Sun moves into the position of zero degrees Libra on the zodiac wheel it denotes the September Equinox moment. In 2022 this occurs at 02.04 BST on 23rd September (UK Time).  We unite our heart prior to this celestial event to create the container to receive all the potentiality available here, to paved the way for the next step in energetic evolution for our planet and people. 

The seasonal transition of Equinox marks the start of autumn fall in the northern hemisphere, and the beginning of the spring bloom in the southern hemisphere.  The Sun is over the Equator bringing equal day and night to ALL. It activates a notable vibration shift within the earth-currents of the global grids, which can feels omni-present and intensified in this moment of apparent suspension.


This promises to be an empowering gathering, where you are invited to participate in a Guided Visualisation Meditation to instill an new sense of harmony and Peace within, to allow for the smooth reception of messages/Star Wisdom from the Star Nations, to assist with both personal and planetary integration of the Cosmic vibrations flowing through the Earth, Stones & the Stars at this time.

Additional Autumn Equinox Events in Avebury during September 2022

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Equinox Online T&C's

Online Workshops: Additional information, terms & conditions. 

Login Information for the Zoom Session will be sent via Email to the address used for Payment. 
Your confirmation should arrive promptly, and at the very latest,1 hour prior to the start of the event.

Please check your Inbox and your Junk folder.  

If you have not received the Login information please message: 

Registration & Cancellation Policy

Your payment is non-refundable unless 24 hour notice is give before the start time of the event.

Registration for all events closes one hour prior to the start time, unless otherwise stated. 
This is because all booking are processed personally and a one hour period is needed to set up the equipment and prepare energetically for the event.  Thank you for your understanding.


It is likely that payments received after registration has closed will not be processed in time for inclusion.
If the Login Information is not sent to you, all funds received will be returned as soon as possible.

(Please note, there may be transaction fees withheld from your refund which are outside of our control).


This event is open to all those who feel called to join. 

Your full participation is requested during this group Zoom session, with Video & Audio connection.

Please allow time to install the free zoom app to your devise prior to the start of the session.
The link to the free zoom app will be sent in your Confirmation Email. 


At the start of the session there will be an introduction to set a clear intention for the meditation.

Following the guided visualization meditation you will be invited to speak to the group and share feedback about your experience of the meditation.


The session will be recorded for reference and will be available to view for 14 days after the event.

Important!  Please note: The recording will only be sent to those who participate in the live session. 

(If you register but do not attend the live session, you will NOT receive the recording).


This measure is implemented to comply with our privacy policy, so that everyone who is taking part can see who they share their personal information with. At a gathering such as this, were we open a safe space to speak of personal insights, it seems right to honor the sacred trust that is formed in the group.

Sue Coulson.jpg

This gathering will be facilitated by Sue Coulson, the founder of the Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.


Sue has been visiting the stones at each moon phase & seasonal shift to study the energy of Avebury Henge for over 15 years as part of the Psychic Survey project. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon to make this a unique way to expand your awareness of your Multi-Dimensional Self, and how you connect to the Cosmos.


Cosmic Connection Meditations are held for the Full Moon and New Moon zenith each month.  View the details HERE

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