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Virgo New Moon: Transfiguration for Source-Codes of Patriarchal Patterns

Review: Virgo New Moon ~ 27th August 2022 at 09.18 BST (UK) Cosmic Connection Meditation at Avebury Stone Circle.

The day began with a thick mist hanging in the valleys of the sacred landscape surrounding Avebury's ancient circle, wrapping the stones in a blanket of focused presence, bringing a reminder to 'be in the Now'.

The Now moment of the New Moon brought earth-shaking downloads of starlight which sent tingles through the body like an electric charge, initiating change in so many ways to the energetic structures in my awareness.

Fast moving, direct, white/gold lines of light, spiral together: above/below, within/without, through the body, the earth-grids, and the cosmic infrastructure.

In tropical astrology we find the Sun and Moon in conjunction at 4 degrees of Virgo on the zodiac wheel, but in reality at this time they are still sailing through the stars of the Leo constellation together. For this reason we called upon the support of the Black Lions of the starlight realms to support our meditation.

These luminary Beings, who hold the star-wisdom of potent potential, stepped forwards to lead us into the Void of Creation, with sparks of neon light flashing in their eyes and radiating from their fur like static electric sparks of sapphire-blue fire.

Their message: Be fully present in the stillness of Love. Allow it to be all that it can be, beyond all judgment and expectation; for the reality which exists here is far greater than the limits of which the mind can perceive. The Divine Spark of pure existence resides here. Be at Peace on the edge of consciousness and swim in the sea of compassionate acceptance which unites all Hearts as One.

Acknowledge that Divine Light which resides within the Sacred Heart of All, to transfigure and transform, to immortalize the potential and possibilities of uniting ALL Hearts in a new brotherhood; to collectively focus awareness on a shared spiritual goal to bring new ways of Loving into Being’.

We are ALL asked to bring this divine spark to the earth through us, all brothers, all sisters, amplifying the potential for balanced union and co-creation.

There is a trine aspect in the Solar System at this time between Masculine Mars, mind influencing Mercury and Pluto, the planet of death & rebirth; instigating the potential to restructure the patriarchal patterns in the collective heart-field to accept a new level of consciousness, where the Self recognizes dual aspects of existence: the physical embodiment of the Souls eternal Light.

Message from the Stones: Breathe and be present in this moment with the whole of you and acknowledge the precious gifts which your heart-light brings to empower the collective.

Sending starlight blessings on the moonbeams to surround every-body in sacred Love, as this lunar cycle grows towards the Pisces Full moon, to illuminate a new perspective of collective consciousness ~ Sue


Sue Couslon: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of : Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.

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