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Virgo New Moon 2023 ~ Solidifying Sovereign Power.

Friday 15th September 2023 at 02.50 BST (UK Time. Adjust for your location). Priming the foundations upon which the Equinox structures will build. (23rd Sept 2023).

New code. New light. New rhythms birthed in the night. Linking above and below, left and right; north and south, east and west, to the balance--point in the center of the chest.

Star-dust & Wind, Sun-fire & Flames, Plasma & Waves, the Matrix of Matter; ALL, bound by the constructs of consciousness that flow, too and fro. The four chambers of each Heart contribute to the four pillars of strength supporting the platform upon which a new paradigm can grow. One where the heart of mankind can rest peacefully in the cushioned comfort of a connected and compassionate World. Sun and Moon together at 21 degrees Virgo on the zodiac wheel invite in expanding vibrations from Denebola, the fast spinning white star representing the tail of Leo the Lion. The higher dimensional Beings here highlight that the long-trodden paths of the past are now worn and crumbling.

Mercury the messenger, in its alignment with Thuban, the alpha star of the Draco constellation, opens a door of communication with the Cosmic Dragons who offer reassuring words: 'have no fear that the foundations of the old ways are unstable. Trust in the new structures that YOU are creating by the simple act of embodying your Soul-essence and expressing your Sovereign Light.

Bring the four elements together in your core and lock them in place. Three are already solid and stable. The fourth component is here, awaiting full acceptance and integration'. I believe they refer to 'compassion', as the four chambers of the heart were opened to new vibration through the Solar/Regulus alignment at 23-8-23 (23rd August 2023). Read more HERE.

On a high-speed journey through a tunnel of light, the participants of this moon's Cosmic Connection Meditation were whisked away to another dimensional place, to stand on a long bridge suspended in space. The purest whiteness arched up above, coaxing the mind into blissful surrender, so that the heart could find full expansion, embracing all aspects of the multi-dimensional Self. Focus then shifted to the ink black darkness below, where the only light present was the spark of creation carried there by the Self to ignite ones intention.

Awareness came that the bridge is in fact the spinal ridge of a great Cosmic Dragon. The cobblestones of the old road transformed. The incandescent scales of this majestic serpent shimmering clearer with every foot-fall, forming a dazzling pathway to the future.

The wisdom this timeless guardian offered is an important perspective about personal power. We each carry a responsibility to the collective to create the brightest Light of our potential.

'It takes team-work to make a dream-work. Your radiance is required to maximize the illumination of the collective'. The Lions and the Dragons have been locked in a celestial dance for the past two lunar cycles, and their partnership at the inception of this new moon now carries this forwards, to amply the strength and courage needed to face the required changes to our structures, and encourage ALL to claim their Sovereignty


Astrology Notes: At the Pisces Full Moon on 31st August, whilst the Moon made a starry connection to Deneb (alpha Cyg) the Sun was with Thuban. (See review HERE). Now Mercury takes this position.

For the Solar Alignment with Regulus on 23-8-23, Mercury was with Denebola (beta Leo), where the Sun/Moon are now, and stationed here to turn retrograde.

Just a few hours after the inception of this new moon, Mercury turns direct whilst in alignment with Thuban, carrying this dragon energy forward through Equinox, to arrive back at it's starting point with Denebola on 17th October 2023 Once again Mercury is weaving the threads of light for the great tapestry of transendance.

Connections with the Lions have been highlighted by the personal planets since July, and 8.8 Lion Gate saw the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in alignment with the stars of the Leo constellation. All through this time there has been a trine (Blue Triangle in the picture) in the Earth Signs at the New and Full Moons anchored by the slow-moving outer planets of Pulto, Uranus and Jupiter. Is there any wonder that we have witnesses some truly transformational energies impacting the energy of the Earth this summer. (Read more HERE).

Final message from the White Dragon: 'In the constructs of time, the particles which build the framework are shifting. They expand on the cosmic flows, as all things do.

Areas that once held dense matter are loosening, to create space between spaces, drifting like icebergs floating on the ocean of consciousness. As the gaps expand, new areas of Self-recognition become available to explore, as new depths of the psyche are exposed. Some fissures allow the pain of the past to rise to the surface for release. Some cracks allow dazzling light to shine in from other realms to strengthen connection with aspects of the Self in other dimensions. Both make more of the Soul-self available for acceptance and expression in the Now. Be at peace with all that you are. You are a beautiful treasure of the Cosmos'.


This has been one of those rare occasion of the past 16+ years that I was unable to be among the sacred stone of Avebury for the New Moon. A trusted friend was out on the land to welcome the star-codes into the earth-grids through this powerful portal. They reported experiencing the enhancing energies arriving under clear starry skies, stabilizing the vibrational structures; whilst ground-mist dancing among the ancient megaliths, amplifying awareness of the mystic realms which can be accessed here. I am deeply grateful for all those who consciously participated in bringing these new moon energies into the collective heart-field ~ Starry blessings to ALL, as always ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of : Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.

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