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Spring Equinox in Avebury 2023

Equinox in 2023 occurred on Monday 20th March at 21.24 GMT marking the start of a new solar journey through the zodiac. The Aries New Moon followed closely, beginning a new lunar cycle on Tuesday 21st March at 17.23 GMT (UK ~ Adjust for your location).

In their togetherness the Sun and Moon amplifed the balancing properties of Equinox, and ushered in some potent new 'transformational' vibrations to align us more closely with the visions we hold for New Earth.

At the start: Phoenix lands with graceful elegance, wings outstretched in sub-conscious motion, engaging with the air which supports its movement in a display of self-mastery and total trust in the natural forces.

It comes to rest. It comes to engage with the energy rising up from the core of the Earth. It comes to receive the new rhythms which are awakening a new life force for ALL. It comes for rejuvenation and remembering of the primal light of the eternal soul. It comes for renewal and rebirth, transformation into a brighter, lighter, way of Being.

Rest. Rest. Rest. Restore and reset. A new way awaits.

The winged ones were present to support the delivery of the white-tipped orange flames which came from Sadalbari & Ankaa, giant orange stars of the Pegasus and Phoenix constellations, to initiate the transmutation necessary to release the old and step into the powerful flows of a new cycle of expansion.

Phoenix reminds us that only by the complete breakdown of old structures are new organic systems free to form in harmony with the purest vibrations of the moment; maintaining balance in the cyclic process of birth, growth, decline, decay and destruction.

Intense orange starlight was gifted to us by the higher-dimensional Beings we engaged with to 'upgrade' the sub-conscious codes in the creative force active within the Self. We were told this would be beyond our comprehension at this time, and to trust, accept, and surrender to the process by releasing the desire for understanding and meaning. Finding comfort in the chaos of change to embracing fully the Light of Self-acceptance.

We were asked to breathe the star-fire codes of purification, carried by the orange flames, into the solar-plexus to 're-set' the discernment processes which take place here. On the physical level the body assesses what to accept as nourishment and what to reject and dispel. The digestive systems perform this perfunctory function without emotional attachment, and we are asked to apply the same level of detachment to all other aspects of existence. Dissolving judgement by embracing the Joy embedded in each decision, acceptance and dismissal alike, therefore allowing life-force energy to flow unhindered, creating equilibrium in ALL systems.

This opens the capacity for Self-transcendence, and perception of the Light calling growth forwards into a new dimension of reality.

The past serves as the fuel, the fertilizer generated by the breakdown of old matter into its basic component parts, to support the growth of the new seed for New Earth, a new paradigm of consciousness. Equinox has triggered the germination, with the shell of the seed now cracked open, and the full potency released. Even though we do not see the fully formed new structure we feel the force of the potential. It is best nurtured by loving attention and total allowance of the flows which support its growth.


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of : Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.

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