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Lunar Eclipse Energetic Insights from Avebury

Updated: May 18, 2022

Review: Total Lunar Eclipse at the Scorpio Full Moon

16th May 2022 at 05.14 BST (UK: Adjust for your timezone)

The shadow of the Earth first touched the Moon at 02.32 BST.

Full coverage was from 04.29 to 05.53 with the peak at 05.11 BST.

The Full Moon zenith was at 05.14 BST

In the UK the eclipse occurred close to the horizon, with Moonset in Avebury at 05.17 BST (Adjust for your location).

The eclipse event concluded at 07.50 BST To learn more about how an Eclipse is created click HERE

The Scorpio Full Moon stirred up our emotions to allows us to dive deeply into the psyche to evaluate our self-worth. There was much 'regal' energy activated by the planetary positions among the stars, encouraging us to look beyond the shadows of fear/pain to connect with our sovereign power.

At this time we found Venus, the goddess of love & compassion, in alignment with Chiron, the wounded healer in the fire sign of Aries, initiating change. This energetic influence brought opportunity to release old patterns of hurts held in the heart from loss or betrayal by considering one's own investment in expectations of others. A deeper level of understanding can be reached when we consider how we are holding on to our own perspective. It is possible to find new levels of self-acceptance by viewing others with compassion.

Mars was in conjunction with Neptune among the Pisces stars softening the masculine mind to bring a broader perspective of the collective heart and opening new levels of awareness to the multi-dimensional Self.

With feminine planets and the Moon in masculine signs, and masculine planets and the Sun in feminine signs the possibility was one of understanding, balance and union. By embracing each others differences, fulfillment and wholeness could be found, leading to the embodiment of a new level of consciousness. 'Beyond the fear is a clear view of all that one has been seeking' ~ A reminder from my guides, the Light-Beings from the stars....... 'The cosmic resonance of this day awaken a deep knowing of the possibilities which have laid dormant within humanity for so long.

Through development of balance with, and also between the within and the without, it is time to move forwards in your evolution to claim your sovereign right as a conscious creator. Yes, these words have been spoken before (They respond the question which arises in my mind). Today these words take on new meaning, as today is an activation point that has been long anticipated. The switch is now turned on, through the current cosmic alignments, for new levels of consciousness to be 'understood'. There is integration between intuitive perception of the multi-dimensional Self & the logical thought-forms of the mind. Find a place of peace here in the stillness of this moment. New development awaits your choosing'.

There was not much sleeping in the rousing night proceeding the eclipse, as several big thunderstorms sent shock-waves through the land & sky to shake up the energetic structures. Great downpours of torrential rain cleansed the stones of this ancient site, and opened pathways deep into the Earth for new starlight codes to be received by the crystalline light-matrix which is forming the foundations for the new paradigm.

For our meditation we called in a conscious connection with a powerful white star name Dschubba in the Scorpio Constellation, which is a hyper-giant 38.000 times brighter than our Sun. We were gifted seeds of dazzlingly bright, full spectrum light, from the higher-dimensional Beings we encountered here, which were as direct and invigorating as the lightning which accompanied the storm.

The Male and Female energy currents which run through the Avebury circle were at peace in their balanced state through the eclipse, resting, waiting for the shadow to pass before energizing the global heart-line with these radiant vibrations to activate new structures in the global grids and beyond.

Awareness came that new layers were opening up in the fractal systems of inter-connectivity in the unseen realms, as these new levels of illumination unlocked the door into a new dimension in our perception of reality.

Insights were offered: Call the Emerald Rays into the Heart, in order to stabilize the connections now available through these new structures of the multiverse.

Personally, I feel the power of this so profoundly: Like someone flipping a switch to align the whole of me, in an integrated way, to the new light-flows of the cosmic-infrastructure.

On November 19th 2021 a previous Lunar Eclipse found the Moon in the position the Sun takes today, approaching an alignment with the Pleiadies Stars, and bringing codes to unlock the Heart. Today Head and Heart find a new balance which holds truly empowering potential.

Message from the Stone:

Trust in the creative power of your inner light.

Starry Blessings to All, as always ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.


Join us at the next Online Meditation Workshop to Close the Eclipse Season at the New Moon.

Gemini New Moon 30th May 2022 12.00 to 13.30 BST (UK Time)

View the details HERE

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