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Avebury Eclipse Season Online Meditations

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Taurus New Moon
Partial Solar Eclipse

30th April 2022.  20.30 to 22.00 BST (UK)

Online Live Event via Zoom     £21.28

Lunar Eclipse. Star Wisdom. Avebury Meditation Workshop. Cosmic Classroom.jpg

Scorpio Full Moon
Total Lunar Eclipse

16th May 2022. 07.00 to 08.30 BST (UK)

Online Live Event via Zoom     £16.16

6.1  Closing the Eclipse Season.jpg

Gemini New Moon
Closing the Eclipse Season

30th May 2022.  12.00 to 13.30 BST (UK)

Online Live Event via Zoom     £21.30

Book ALL THREE Eclipse Meditation Now for just £50

Offer Closes: 30.4.22.    See full details and terms & conditions below

What Creates an Eclipse

What creates an Eclipse?

As the Earth makes it's annual journey around the Sun, the Sun, from our point of view on Earth, appears to follow a pathway through the background of Stars which is called the Ecliptic. 

The Moon orbits Earth in a similar plane of motion, but it is offset slightly, rising and falling 5.1 degrees above and below the line of the ecliptic each month.  The two places where the path of the Moon crosses the path of the Sun during each lunar cycle are called the North Node and South Node points.

Ecliptic Diagram. Eclipse. Avebury. Cosmic Classroom. Sue Coulson.jpg
Lunar Eclipse Diagram. Avebury. Cosmic C
Solar Eclipse Diagram. Avebury. Cosmic C

When the Sun and the Moon converge at the Nodes a Total Eclipse is occurs. When the Sun and the Moon converge almost at the Nodes, a Partial or Penumbral Eclipse occurs.


A Solar Eclipse is created at the New Moon, when the Moon is directly between the Earth and the Sun.  The Sun's rays are blocked by the Moon, creating a shadow path on the Earth's surface.

A Lunar Eclipse is created at the Full Moon, when the Earth is directly between the Sun and the Moon, and it is the Earth's shadow that we see creep across the lunar surface. 

NASA-funded research shows that during an Eclipse disturbances to the ionopshere create a shift in the electo-magnetic shield around Earth, offering greater access to stellar-rays from deep space.


In the Cosmic Clasroom, for many years now, we have used the energetic portals of the Eclipse season to form a strong and clear conscious connection with the higher-dimensional Beings-of-Light of the Star Nations. 

Opening Eclipse Season
Solar Eclipse. Star Wisdom. Avebury Meditation Workshop. Cosmic Classroom.jpg
Taurus New Moon
Partial Solar Eclipse

Online Meditation Workshop Live via Zoom

20.30 to 22.00 BST (Evening UK Time)

Saturday 30th April 2022
Exchange £21.28

See full details and terms & conditions below

The Taurus New Moon this year opens the spring Eclipse window with a partial Solar Eclipse in the southern hemisphere.  This is the second new moon in this calendar month making this a 'Black Moon'. 

Eclipse Season always brings an opportunity to look at our shadow-side. In 2022 we can anticipate a deeper dive into ourselves than usual as this lunar cycle peek with the transforming Scorpio Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the 16th May. 


For this inception of the New Moon we find Jupiter in conjunction with Venus in the sign of Pisces, expanding the sense of self-worth as we move towards the completion of a cosmic cycle and prepare for the New.  With trust this energy can bring a sense of fulfillment and peace. There is much inner-wisdom waiting to rise from the Heart, and all which this multi-dimensional center connects us to. We will find inspiration, insights and guidance is abundantly available as we align with these cosmic vibrations. Mercury (the messenger) is travelling close to the Pleiades Stars giving us clear access to the beloved Beings who reside here who are dedicated to supporting our spiritual evolution. 

There is much to be gained by making a conscious connection with the star wisdom available through this moon portal.  

This event is timed to the peek of the shadow maximum of the Eclipse. You can view the shadow path HERE

Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse. Star Wisdom. Avebury Meditation Workshop. Cosmic Classroom.jpg
Scorpio Full Moon
Total Lunar Eclipse

Online Meditation Workshop Live via Zoom

07.00 to 08.30 BST (Morning UK Time)

Monday 16th May 2022
Special Offer £16.16

See full details and terms & conditions below

You are invited to unite your Heart with a group of focused individuals to bring through a transmission of Star Wisdom from the higher-dimensional Beings of Light from the Starlight Realms.


The Scorpio Full Moon this year creates a Total Lunar Eclipse. The shadow path will move over northern continents. The full coverage will be visible in Avebury, UK, but the moon will set before the eclipse is complete.   You can view the shadow path HERE.  This event is timed so that we can be together after moon-set in the UK, but whilst the moon is still in shadow so we harness the energy of the eclipse for our meditation.

This celestial event is uniquely loaded with potent potential to expand our awareness of self, and develop our cosmic consciousness; as there are a number of other significant planetary alignments also occurring at this time.  We find Venus is conjunction with Chiron indicating that deep healing is available to support an expansion in our view of self-worth, and deliver a new level of consciousness. 

This ONLINE workshop gives us an opportunity to commune deeply with the Cosmic vibrations that are available to us through this Eclipse Portal, to open an avenue for Starlight transmissions to be received from the Star Nations.

There is anticipation of acquiring vibrations to develop our personal consciousness and a clearer awareness of our connection to the wholeness of the multi-dimensional self, along with the potential of anchoring incoming codes to further the advancement of the cosmic-infrastructure through the light-grids.

Closing Eclipse Season
6.1  Closing the Eclipse Season.jpg
Gemini New Moon
Closing Eclipse Season

Online Meditation Workshop Live via Zoom

30th May 2022

12.00 to 13.30 BST (UK Time)

Exchange £21.30

See full details and terms & conditions below

Much expansion, both of the Self and for the collective, has been brought into being by the powerful energies received during the proceeding lunar cycle of this deeply transformational eclipse season.

This gathering offers an opportunity to acknowledge all that has been created for a new sense-of-Self, and for the New Earth paradigm, as we consolidate a new perspective.  There is a sense of duality in this energy where we are given an opportunity to choose the path of the future

There will be a review to share insights gained through the eclipse window and a meditation to align with the Cosmic Codes of this Gemini New Moon with support from the Star Nations. 

This event is times so that we can be in meditation together at the inception of this new lunar cycle and activate a clear vision for the possibilities which lay before us.

What to expact Online. T&C's

What to expect at an Online Meditation Workshop

The intention for these gathering is to draw together those who are willing to open themselves fully to be a clear channel to receive energy & messages; with the expectation of bringing forwards new vibrations & information for both personal and planetary expansion.

You will be guided through a visualisation meditation to facilitate awareness, connection and communication with Higher Dimensional Beings of Light of the Star Nations (Light Beings/Star Beings)

This is an intermediate workshop. Some previous meditation experience is required. It is open to those who feel drawn to participate with open hearts and mind, who have sufficient meditation experience to maintain their own focus and balance.

Additional information, terms & conditions. 

Login Information for the Zoom Session will be sent via Email to the address used for Payment. 
Your confirmation should arrive promptly, and at the very latest,1 hour prior to the start of the event.

Please check your Inbox and your Junk folder.  

If you have not received the Login information please message: 

Registration & Cancellation Policy

Your payment is non-refundable unless 24 hour notice is give before the start time of the event.

Registration for all events closes one hour prior to the start time, unless otherwise stated. 
It is likely that payments received after registration has closed will not be processed in time for inclusion.
If the Login Information is not sent to you, all funds received will be returned as soon as possible.

(Please note, there may be transaction fees withheld from your refund which are outside of our control).


This event is open to all those who feel called to join. 

Your full participation is requested during this group Zoom session, with Video & Audio connection.

Please allow time to install the free zoom app to your devise prior to the start of the session.
The link to the free zoom app will be sent in your Confirmation Email. 


At the start of the session there will be an introduction to set a clear intention for the meditation.

Following the guided visualization meditation you will be invited to speak to the group and share feedback about your experience of the meditation.


The session will be recorded for reference and will be available to view for 7 days after the event. 

Important!  Please note: The recording will only be sent to those who participate in the live session. 

(If you register but do not attend the live session, you will NOT receive the recording).


This measure is implemented to comply with our privacy policy, so that everyone who is taking part can see who they share their personal information with. At a gathering such as this, were we open a safe space to speak of personal insights, it seems right to honor the sacred trust that is formed in the group.

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