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Avebury: Leo Full Moon 2024. Self Empowerment

25th January 2024 at 17.55 GMT (Adjust for your location).

Avebury Stone Circle. Cosmic Connection Meditation.

Numerological insights for 555: Positive transformation. Personal Growth. Expansion.

Heavy clouds obscured the view of the vibrant Light emanating from this potent Moon, and the ancient stones of the Avebury Circle were cloaked in darkness instead of reflecting dazzling moonbeams. as one might wish to witness. However, the great megaliths still radiated a powerful presence, reminding me of the inner-Light we all posses, to illuminate the world around us.

The earth-currents which flow through this sacred site seemed surprisingly still during the zenith of this lunar cycle, which again turned my awareness inwards, to assess my own energy rather than paying attention to the environment around me. There were lessons to be learned about inner-strength and resilience, through self-inquiry and exploration of the power of the Heart, with this Star-Lion influence. The only outer distraction was a quick glimpse of gleaming blue eyes watching through the thinning veil of the portal to the starlight realms. A welcomed reminder that my Lionine Starbeing friends are never far away, which brought a big smile and much joy.

For our meditation we connected with a Blue/White star named Denebola, which represents the tuft of Leo-the-Lion's tail. The star-codes we received offered vibrations to clear ancestral patterning of distortions held in cellular memory, and directed attention to the 'permanence' of creations.

'Give Yourself, give your Cells, permission to Change', were the words that accompanied intense Blue Light, with the viscosity of water, which entered the body through the breath, the eyes, the body-aura and the skin; like being immersed fully in a cloud/bubble of Light-plasma.

Lion Elders surrounded us also to offered insight and support, as we were asked to take on new levels of understanding in the responsibilities of becoming fully activated Sovereign Creators. I am truly grateful to those who joined me on this journey, as our group heart-field generated the necessary container for this transmission to be accepted and delivered to the greater collective consciousness. Ask your cells to integrate and align with all that is available in the current cosmic infrastructure. New activation and dissipation coding is now available. Surrounding every-body in starry blessings, as always ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel for the Star Nations | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of: Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.

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