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Avebury: Cancer Full Moon 2023. Awakening New Potential.

27th December 2023 at 00.33 GMT (Adjust for your location).

Avebury Stone Circle. Cosmic Connection Meditation.

The lunar orb was at her apex when she reached the peek of her radiance for this cycle, and even though she was hiding behind rain-clouds at the time, her presence still illuminated the sky in a delicate hue of blue that allowed a view across the circle.

The Moon sits comfortably at home in the zodiac sign of Cancer and reminds us to nurture the Self and trust in our intuition. However at this early degree on the chart we find her really still nestled among the Gemini stars in the night-sky, due to procession, so we may find her influence causing confusion and indecision, as the mind wrestle between the powerful insights received in the Heart 'v' rational logic.

Another way of working with this energy is to invite new levels of consciousness into Being by marrying the mind with new understanding of heightened awareness of the unseen realms.

There is much potential available Now, as the Solstice star-codes activated an expansion to the cosmic-infrastructure, allowing for the availability of a clearer connection with higher vibrations. This full moon follows so close on the heels of Solstice that it amplifies the intensity of this growing Light and holds much promise of enhanced empowerment for those who embody their sovereignty.

The guidance which came from the Star Nations this night was to find stability from within, so as not to get distracted by external influences when making important decisions about creating one's future path in the Light of the New-Way.


I was told that more letting go is required, by us ALL, to truly follow the flow into the New as a collective, and an uncomfortable surrender may be called for if one's individual Mind is holding resistance to change.

Gentle rain fell, cleansing the air and the ancient Stones, before softening the ground to allow the starlight vibrations that were called in during this moment to be absorbed into the Earth-currents which journey through this sacred site, to feed the global-grid network with catalyzing energy for ascension. As separation continues to dissolves in the evolution process, the need for acceptance is accentuated in all human dynamics.

Electric-Blue Beings-of-Light gifted an activation for the temporal lobe ~ the part of the brain that helps us use the senses to understand and respond to the world around us.

Their message: 'Do all that you can to accept the whole of you. Make time to immerse yourself in quite reflection and explore all aspects of the Self. An awakening to new potential is now available'.


Sue Coulson: Channel for the Star Nations | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of: Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.


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