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Avebury: Capricorn New Moon 2024. Light Structure Perspective

11th January 2024 at 11.56 GMT (Adjust for your location).

Avebury Stone Circle. Cosmic Connection Meditation.

Numerological insights for 111: Spiritual illumination. At one with the the Cosmos. Great Power.

Ice-cold winds blew in from the North to the Stone Circle, creating a somewhat chilly atmosphere for the inception of the new lunar cycle; but the frigid air offered a reminder of the purity of Wisdom & Light which is found in the northern-realm . However the brief appearance's of the Sun, as it danced among the clouds, was a most welcomed sight to lift the spirit in a remembering of warmer times to come.

Focused beams of harsh winter Light seemed to target the stones like a spotlight, encouraging them to leap out from the landscape to make their presence known. Each one was acknowledged by me for its uniqueness, and the joyous beauty it contributes to the whole ambiance of this ancient sacred site. An awareness rose: Each one of the Stones shines so brightly in the Light, only because the solar rays are reflected in a dazzling way by the multitude of tiny quartz particle of which the Sarsen-stones are formed. For our meditation we connected with a globular star cluster in the Sagittarius constellation called Messier 55. From our point of view, here on our little planet, we see a single point of Light which we call the 'Summer Rose Star, but astronomers inform us that 269.000 star, which stretch over a vast region in space (between 48 to 100 light years ~ depending of the source information), contribute to the light-stream we see from this region in space, around 17.600 light-years away. It's all about perspective. Bio-luminosity within us, on every level of our physical Being, from the electrons in our atoms to the cells which form our structures, contributes to the Light we generate ~ adding to the great cosmic tapestry of Light. The message I received from the Star Nations during the meditation was:

'Light is eternal. Once created it can not be destroyed, only obscured.

It is possible for you to connect in a deliberate way with the waves of consciousness that are transmitted in the Light-structures of the Cosmos. All that has been, and all that will become, is held here. By accessing the Light-intelligence within you, you have access to ALL wisdom.

Embodiment of individual sovereignty through authentic expression contributes to collective illumination and transcendence for ALL structures-of-Light'.


For this moonth's insights about the planetary influences on our consciousness I turn to the words of John Wadsworth, a well respected astrologer based in Glastonbury, UK. Author of: Your Zodiac Soul.

He has kindly granted me permission to share his article here about this New Moon.

'The Sun and Moon align at 20 degrees Capricorn, the sign that reminds us of the duties and responsibilities, challenging us to take a stand, align ourselves to our core values, and make known our intention. Its image is of the hardy goat, who stands firm in its conviction, and carries on where others give up. And through its mysterious fish's tail, it remembers the earliest origins of life, carried through the deep waters of the soul, life after life.

Saturn-ruled Capricorn confronts you with the question: 'You've come here to do something with your life, so what are you going about it? It is the sign that grounds us in our commitments and rakes us to task when we turn away from them.

Sounds clear so far, right? But there is a complication. This new moon is exactly square to the nodal axis which currently lies at 20 degrees of Aries (north node) and 20 degrees Libra (south node). When this occurs there is a karmic challenge that we much face before we can move forwards, what Jeff Green, the founder of evolutionary astrology, famously called a 'skipped step'. So, over this new moon it may be useful to ask yourself: 'is there something I must address, that is in the way of me committing fully to my path and purpose? If there is, then it may be like a distraction, something that is pulling your energy away from your intended course. Bit its pull is likely to be very strong, and somehow it has to be confronted before you can proceed; it is a necessary step that must be re-traced, as stage in your evolutionary path that needs re-doing.

The new moon also make a trine aspect to Uranus, which opens up a new insight and way of seeing. We are able to innovate, to think outside the box, and more willing to try something different under this aspect. This can perhaps ease some of the tension of the nodal square and help us to accept the wider possibilities that will become available to us, once we have confronted the karmic challenge.

Capricorn's ruler Saturn, currently in Pisces, is also favourably aligned to Mars (in Capricor) and Jupiter (in Taurus) by sextile aspect, part of what is sometimes called a minor grand trine, with Mars and Jupiter enjoying an exact trin aspect with each other. This suggests that there is a good amount of energy and enthusiasm available to do what needs to be done, and enough grounded intent to see something through to a fruitful conclusion.

The new moon is the right time to re-connect with the founding motivations behind our vocation and calling. What inspires you to do what you do, and why is it so important to you? Think about your non-negotiable values, that like integrity, trust, honesty, service ~ to what extent are you living to to them?

It can be useful at the Capricorn new moon to distinguish four core values and image them as the four pillars of a temple that house the Soul, and support the direction in life. Imaging that this temple is aligned to the north star, in which it is possible to invest an intention for the year ahead, a point of focus towards which to direct energy. Capricorn mantra: 'I carry the wisdom of the elders, and the strength to complete the tasks set'.


Sue Coulson: Channel for the Star Nations | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of: Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.

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