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Aries Full Moon: Carrying Dragon Star-Codes to Stonehenge

Friday 29th September 2023 at 10.56 BST (UK Time, adjust for your location).

The first wave of starlight which came just prior to the zenith of Full Moon was from the Cosmic Whales of the Cetus constellation. Their message: 'Change is a friend to be welcomed, for it delivers the gifts once dreamed of. Face your fears and allow yourself to explore the unfamiliar. Trust in the guidance of your Heart to follow the great cosmic flows which lead you towards fulfillment of your soul purpose'.

For the peek of the Full Moon I was charged to carry the Orkney Equinox energy, which had been woven into the silver strands of this lunar cycle last week, to Stonehenge.

Packed golden busses delivered the first wave of people of the day to view the world-famous massive megaliths, each treading the earth with excited footfall, bringing the joy and wonderment of their hearts to the land here.

I imagine we were all admiring the towering stones, which were back-lit by bright autumn sunlight, when all of a sudden a black swirling cloud descended towards the ancient monument. A large flock of starlings landed on the lintels of the huge trilithons.

It was quite a spectacle, and the symbolic meaning was not lost on me ~ Star-Lings from above, and Earth-Lings, all coming together in a moment to focus their awareness at this sacred place.

The starlight which arrived on the moonbeams at this power center on the planet was palpable at the zenith, with spirals of energy being amplified around the Heal Stone, to flow both too and fro, along the avenue to the circle. Connecting the solid structures of the Stones with the flowing waters of the river. Another step in the awakening of the Dragons, and the empowerment of the Sovereign Consciousness of mankind. (There is much more to say about this, but this is not the time).

Later, all the energies that have been gathered from near and far for this 'mission' were anchored at Silbury Hill, within the Avebury landscape, supported by the graceful guidance of the local dragon clan.

To conclude the day there was a meditation within the Avebury Stone Circle to receive the Star Wisdom from the higher-dimensional Lightbeings of Al Kidr, in the constellation of King Cepheus. There message: 'We bring new iridescent white-light to add another level of activation to the crystalline structures and the Diamond-Rays within the Heart-of-Humanity. It shifts the vibration to deepen the understanding and integration of 4D in readiness for the transition to 5D.

Greater awareness of the light-strands which connect all aspects of ones consciousness in the Now pave the way for the sovereign Creator-Self to be fully engaged; to utilize the 5D functionality of energy-mastery'.

I send gratitude to those who joined me on this adventure, and starry blessings to ALL, as always ~ Sue xXx


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of : Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.


There is to be an online presentation/meditation on Friday 6th October, at the third quarter moon, to impart the star-codes & insights of this journey with those who would like to receive their potency. Register HERE

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