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Rosslyn Chapel: Personal notes

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Visit: 25th September 2023 Rosslyn Chapel can be found just a few miles outside Edinburgh in Scotland, on the family estate of the Saintclaires of Rosslyn. Photography is not allowed inside the building, but I share here, in my blog, the pictures I took of the outside.

Beyond the green door of the Knight there a is modestly sized, but elaborately decorated building, which looks more like a fairy castle than a family chapel, in many ways.

The official website tells us that the construction was founded in 1446, but wikipedia states that it sits on the site of a previous structure. It was brought into the public spotlight by the 2003 Dan Brown novel, and subsequent movie: The Da Vinci Code.

The inside is adorned with elaborate artistry depicting earth-dragons and ascension, lion's, unicorns, many many green men, and even a Elf.

The vaulted stone ceiling has five panels, each one contain a different pattern, such as five-pointed stars, roses and a basket weave effect. The font is by the main door. Behind the alter, the Lady Chapel is the focal point for the most prominent stone carvings, with green men protruding from the ceiling above the back wall, and large decorated columns creating the partition from the main body of the building. There is a powerful spot in the subterranean Sancristy, a peaceful space, which has wonderful acoustics. Here there are 'mason marks' scratched onto the stone walls, including many five-pointed stars, the sacred symbol of the divine feminine. A bee sanctuary on the roof, which explains the turrets ~ Read more HERE


Follow me on a walk around the outside:

High above the alter in the wall that separates the main building from the lady chapel is a large stained glass window, where two tall arched panels support a circle with a square inside, which is divided into four sections by a vertical/horizontal cross.

Seen here from the outside.

I LOVE the Lions... Guiding the water from above towards the ground safely.

There are some intriguing and unexpected guest appearances in the carving when you look closely. Most of these sculptures are approximately 25cm (10 inch) ~ my best guess from memory.

Message: There is always more to see than first meets the eye. There is always a deeper truth to be discovered when you 'look' with the Heart.


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of : Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle.


Information boards at the Chapel

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