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A journey of Light and Love with the Seven Sisters.

Pleiades Star Cluster in the Taurus Constellation

High in a winter sky it is possible to catch a glimpse of the Pleiades Stars from the corner of your eye. They appear quite bright until you look at them straight on, for as you turn to face them directly they often fade from view, unless it is a very clear sky. This is due to an optical illusion brought about by the advanced sensitivity to light of the peripheral vision. These enigmatic stars have captured the hearts and minds or many generations, and we find their stories are embedded in the folklore and creation myths of cultures all around the globe.

This open star cluster in known as the Seven Sister in Greek mythology. Nine bright stars represent Pleione and Atlas, mother and father to Electra, Celaeno, Taygeta, Maia, Merope, Asterope, and Alcyone. Actually there are over 1,000 stars, fourteen of which are visible to the naked eye in good viewing conditions. For me these nebulous stars holds a very special place in my Heart because my first conscious encounter with higher-dimensional Beings revealed that they were from the Pleiades. Over the years I have developed a deep and loving relationship with these Lightbeings, and subsequently they have introduced me to many of the other races who dwell in the light-realms of the Pleiades stars.

As with many the Star Nations I have encountered, there are a diverse range of conscious entities associated with each individual star in the Pleiades. * There are Beings from higher dimensions who dwell beyond the bandwidth of Light, who can only make contact in a telepathic way.

* There are higher dimensional Beings of Light, who present themselves as coloured light, and others who show themselves as orbs or rounded shapes of flowing light.

* There are physical dimensional Beings who are able to project their aura into our awareness, so we see their silhouette outlined in light; and also physical Beings who show us their full form.

Of those in the physical it is the High Elven race who seem to be most invested in supporting the evolution in consciousness of our kind, and bring loving guidance whenever invited to do so. They have contributed much to me on a personal level, and to those around me in group sessions, and I have been witness to the many light-codes they have gifted to Earth whilst in my presence. The Lightbeings of the Pleiades often come forwards for me as a collective-consciousness, which I see as a pink/purple morphing blob, like a larva-lamp of light swimming through my inner vision. I first encountered them in Avebury whilst resting against a specific stone. They were always there on my daily walks throughout 2007, and I was content to visit with them in this way for many years to come . It wasn't until the Crystal Skulls came into my life in 2010 that I gained a clearer understanding of who I was connecting with. Through this conduit much was learned that changed my whole point of view about reality, as the multi-dimensional version of Self came fully into my awareness. These generous Beings have guided me into a deeper understanding about my light-body, sacred geometry, the heart-mind connection, light-technology, the earth-grids, the cosmic-infrastructure, and so much more... Each year in May the sun make its transit through the Pleiades stars. In the Cosmic Classroom we utilize this annual alignment to establish clear communication, during this amplified period of connectivity, to receive starlight transmissions and star-wisdom for personal and planetary expansion. You will find a brief outlining summary of just some of these encounters below: 2018 Pleiades Alignment We were clearly shown the history of contact between the Pleiades Beings and the indigenous cultures of Earth in ancient time. Their intention here was to awaken an awareness of what is possible for our future as we embrace more self-love. We were gifted much knowing about the light-technology within the human Heart.

2019 Pleiades Alignment

The High Elven race of the Pleiades return to Earth. The doors to their ancient citadels were unlocked; in mountains, oceans and ice.

2020 Pleiades Alignment The higher-dimensional Beings of Light from Electra brought codes to enhance the electro-magnetic structures, both on a personal level and beyond, through the inter-connective structures of the planet, solar system and stars. Adding bandwidth to the spectrum of cosmic waves we can comfortably connect with as we evolve into a new paradigm of conscious communion with ALL. There is an opportunity for you to participate in receiving Star Wisdom and the associated light-code transmissions this year. Several online events are offered in 2021. View the details HERE


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

She is dedicated to supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos through the events and workshops she offers.

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