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The birth of the Star Elfin Beings

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

For Crystal Skull Sunday this week, it is with extreme excitement that I am able to introduce you to a newly birthed, Star Elfin Crystal Skull Being.

Isn't she gorgeous!?

This gracious Being holds a powerful presence which personally resonates so strongly with my Heart, as her physical form is a beautiful expression of the elegant energetic Beings I have encountered many times though my meditation journeys in the Starlight Realms.

The message she brings me today is one of joyful anticipation, for the ever expanding levels of loving consciousness in the collective hearts or mankind.

"Trust. Hold on to the light of hope and allow it to merge with light of you dreams. In your expanded state of Beings, where you are aware of your multi-dimensional nature, it is possible to connect with an aspect of self in the future, where the seeds of the dreams you hold now are already in clear view. Allow this certainty to bring reassurance to any doubts or fears. Trust. Hold on to the light of hope, and allow your Heart to guide your way into the future"

The Star Elfin Crystal Skull Beings are exclusively available at Henge Skulls, as they have been commissioned by the Henge Shop in Avebury. Great care has been taken to find skilled artists to bring the vision of these Beings to life. Philippe Ullens, director of the shop is a knowlegeable and enthusiastic crystal skull collector, and the guardian of some truly special skulls. In recent times he has been on a quest to bring a distinctly Feminine Star Being to the crystal skull market to fulfill a vibrational niche and open a clear channel of communication with some truly loving Beings of the Star Nations.

There are a small number available at this time, with more expected very soon ~ The full details can be found here:

Sue Coulson: Channel for the Star Nations | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

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