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Avebury Solstice Star Wisdom

Indoor Meditation Workshop. Avebury.

Birthing New-Earth Heart Rhythms
Sunday 18th December 2022

10.30 to 16.30 BST (UK Time)

Exchange: £101

See full details and terms & conditions below

Join Sue Coulson & Tom Theunissen at the ancient Stone Circle of Avebury, Wiltshire, UK, to participate in a whole day workshop to connect in a conscious way with the Cosmic Vibrations of Winter Solstice.


Together they offer supportive Meditations & Sacred Sounds to invite the wholeness of one's Being into a expanded place of Peace. From this inner-space of balance you will be asked to open your Heart in service to the collective; by welcoming the star-codes which will set an important foundational layer for the Solstice energies forming the New Earth structures, utilizing the Solar alignment with the Galactic Center on this day. 

It is the High Elven Beings of the Pleiades Stars, the White Queen of the North & the Noble King, who step forwards to support this gathering with their Star Wisdom.  They ask us to plant a Flag-of-Light in Avebury, towards which many others from the Star Nations can direct the focus of their intention, to deliver expanding vibrations into the Heart-of-Gaia over Solstice to birth new rhythms of Cosmic-Love.


As Avebury sits on the Global Heart-Line of the Earth-grid network, the star-codes which are received through the star-portal of this ancient stone circle generates a positive influence for our world, and beyond, into the whole cosmic-infrastructure. 

At our gathering we will be consciously connecting with a council from the Star Nations which includes; the Whales of the Cetus Constellation, the Centaur's of Sagittarius, the Horse-tribes of Pegasus, and the higher-dimensional Being-of-Light from Arcturus, Orion and the Pleiades. 


There is great anticipation for this transmission to be highly charged, already the symphony of starlight which is forming in the higher-dimensional realms can be felt pulsing, preparing to lead our human-hearts into an open place where we can confidently find resonance with the New-Earth vibrations. So many personal blessings await through the embodiment of this energy, which is gifted to each individual to support their unique evolution. 


We hope you can join us!

There are limited place at this special gather. General admission is now open and will close at 16.00 Local Time on Saturday 17th December, or when the event is fully booked.

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This gathering is hosted by Sue Coulson, channel for the Star Nations, & founder of the Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.


Sue has been present among the ancient stones of the sacred circle at each moon phase & seasonal shift for over 15 years, to integrate the energy flowing through Avebury's Star Portal. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon to make this a unique way to expand your awareness of your Multi-Dimensional Self, and how you connect to the Cosmos.


Cosmic Connection Meditations are held for the Full Moon and New Moon zenith each month.  View the details HERE

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Tom Theunissen is dedicated to his souls journey with sacred sound. He will be traveling from Belgium to invoke the cosmic vibrations flowing to and through our circle with his alluring voice, and shamanic drum, to support the awakening of the Heart to a new rhythm. 


Tom is a qualified sound practitioner who regularly contributes to the Dreamtime Healing Concerts® at Zennergi in Bilzen (Belgium). 

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Additional information, terms & conditions. 

Free parking is available.  Car-share where possible is appreciated as there is limited space.  Parking instructions will be sent in your confirmation Email.


Indoor Venue
Hot drinks, bottled water and snacks will be provided on a self service basis.
Please brings a packed lunch for yourself.  Plates and utensils are available to use from the kitchen.

Throughout the day you will be guided through a number of visualization meditation to facilitate awareness, connection and communion with the Earth, planets, and Beings from the Starlight Realms who support us.

You are advised to wear comfortable layers of warm clothing, as it can feel cool even with the heating on.

Registration & Cancellation Policy

Registration confirmation with be sent view Email to the address used for payment, and will include venue and parking information.

We offer a 24 hour cool off period, where you can cancel your booking with no penalty, after which your payment is non-refundable unless 48 hour notice is give before the start time of the event.

Early booking is both recommended and appreciated.  Thank you for your understanding, as there is much to prepare.

If you should send payment once the event is fully booked, or after registration is closed, a full refund will be issued.

In extreme weather conditions, or other circumstances outside of our control which lead to the cancellation of the event, a full refund will issued as soon as possible.

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