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Star Wisdom: Energy Transference

During a recent meditation workshop, to 'Speak with the Star Nations', an insightful message came from the higher-dimensional Beings from the Corona Borealis Constellation ~ the Crown of Stars. Our group energetically engaged with a binary star system called The Blaze Star, which is through to be a lost jewel from the Crown. This is a very special star system, one of only 10 known recurring Nova's in the whole night sky, which periodically is seen to flare. It comprises of an old and cooling Red Giant star, and a young hot White Dwarf, which are locked in a cosmic dance of energy transference.

As the ageing red star looses it's power, it's escaping particles are gathered up by the more youthful and active white star, to start a new cycle of growth. They demonstrate so beautifully the eternal nature of matter, where nothing is lost, just reborn. As old systems crumble, they provide the fuel which feeds the expansion of the new. What a perfect reflection of what is unfolding in our world at this time. I share the words which came from the beautiful Beings we encountered here: 'The transference of matter from one state to another should not be forced, as this causes a disruptive and destructive pattern in the cosmic vibrations. In natural law there is a gradual process which unfolds to allow for preparation, on many unseen levels. When the time is right there is a powerful flash, and a potent leap in evolution, but it truth is it not as sudden and unexpected as it might seem. There are always a warning sign, as the energy is charged in readiness for change'. They showed an image: stretching the elastic of a catapult. Adding tension to a system, increasing the kinetic energy, and the potential for powerful transformation. 'We bring you vibrations to sooth the Heart, to allow the release of resistance, so that you can experience a smooth transition from one state of Being to another'. In that moment a dazzling diamond light explodes. The brightest of lights. A flash of brilliance. There was an understanding of the power in the creative force, a creative force that dwells within us ALL. Deep within the Void of darkness the power of our intention holds the potential to bring forth new Light.

'Access to this place is found on the path of Peace. Peace is only a moment, when one's Heart and Mind are in alignment with the greater aspect of Self, all consciously connected to the cosmos. It is not possible, practical or desirable to say in this place of peace permanently, for there could be no further expansion attained. The pendulum must swing'. I see ripple, waves, figure-of-eight symbols, repeating, repeating, repeating; but expanding on each loop. Grandmother, mother, daughter, child. Energy transference down the matriarchal line. The rising power of the feminine creative force, as the sacred masculine releases its fear, so that the two become a balanced whole in readiness to birth New Earth. Surrounding Every-Body in Starlight Blessings, as always ~ Sue x


Sue Coulson: Channel | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos

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