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Skye Dragon Message

Crystal Skull Sunday ~ 24.4.22

Yesterday was St George's Day and as such brought awareness to the Dragons, who in turn brought a simple message forwards:

'The cosmic currents stir up the air to generate the winds of change. You are invited to breathe, in a conscious way, to bring focus to the movement of your body. You will notice that your body is not a fixed structure, but an organism in constant transition, sync'd to the solar system and stars. Allow all aspects of your Being to move with the flows of Light generated from within in harmony with ALL that surrounds you'.

There is deep wisdom to be found in this simple concept, along with a sense of peace which brings balance to the body, mind and spirit.

I send blessings to surround every-body, as always ~ Sue xXx


This beautiful dragon joined my clan earlier this year to support my work with the land. The white marble from which she is carved is sourced from the Isle of Skye, the largest of the Inner Hebrides islands off of the west coast of Scotland, UK. Her energy is so soft and delicate that her power is not immediately obvious, but buried beneath her gentleness is an ocean of pure Love who's currents are so strong they are indomitable.

She came to me via Henge Skulls Avebury who are now displaying a range of beautiful carvings they have commissioned to be carefully crafted from UK stones.

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