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Scorpio Full Moon 2024: Hold the Light of Pure Desire

24th March 2024 at 00.48 BST (UK Time. Adjust for your location).

Avebury Stone Circle. Wiltshire. UK. The White Dragon was with me to anchor all that it is carrying from resent travels. Vibrations of refined purity and profound peace to enhance the Light-structures creating a new way of Being for us ALL. See other posts.

This potent full moon brought a revelatory reminder that this lunar cycle began with the Sun in shadow at the Solar Eclipse (Aries New Moon on the 8th April ~ Read the report HERE). Many of the themes initiated there have now been amplified, as the Moon has carried them forwards to be seen in the light of her full radiance, and the potential for a new way of Being is now more clearly in focus.

The earth currents at Avebury Stone Circle were surprisingly still, echoing forwards the pattern of balance generated by Sun/Moon/Earth alignment two weeks ago. The shadow aspect was still present. requiring me/us to bring our own light into the space for illumination. The thread of darkness held in our collective consciousness are creating a conduit through which great expansion can flow, as we engage with Light of the higher aspects of Self, which the current cosmic vibrations offer for our evolution. We are asked to carry this Light deeper within, through the doorway at the very core, which leads to a new path.

For the Cosmic Connection Meditation with the MOON WISE'ing Patreon Community we engaged with the higher-dimensional Beings-of-Light from Altair, via Pluto. It was such a dazzling exchange of intense vibrations, which delivered advancement to the speed at which the 'mind' can process perception. I received a personal message from these striking Beings, which I will share as I feel it may benefit others: 'Your ego-mind is seeking the comfort of familiar connections within the Self. Let go. Find a way to be comfortable in the unknown, where all the potential of a new way resides. We see within you both excitement and fear. The desire for expansion into the Light, and the dark fear of change. Balance can be found by embracing both, as one. Let go, and allow your consciousness to grow, by following the natural flows of expansion. Nothing is static and still. Vibrational movement forms the foundation of your very Being.

Let go! Focus on the strands of Light which connect you to your dreams. Identify your desires, and notice the resistance you hold against their allowing. Let go! In the quite space which this acceptance brings, new levels of inspiration will come to carry you towards this heartfelt knowing of the future'. Silver light flows through me. Expanding my connections to the Cosmos.

I see more. Feel more. Sense more. Know more. I am aware of silver/blue orbs of Light flashing in my peripheral vision, and acknowledge that the heigher-dimensional Beings-of-Light from Altair are visible to me in this moment, as I surrender to this expanded state of consciousness. I feel the desire of my Human-ness to BE more, and align more fully with the Soul-Self.

I promise myself, I will let go.


Sue Coulson: Channel for the Star Nations | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of: Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle, and beyond.


Join the 'MOON WISE'ing' community on Patreon to receive exclusive behind the scenes info about Sue's journey on the Land through the lunar cycles with the Star Nations, and participate in creating a personal and planetary shift in consciousness.

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