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The Call of the Dragons to Wales

12th to 14th April 2024 ~ Retreat at Coed Hills

So many precious souls gathered in Wales for this weekend retreat, to benefit from the amazing container created to commune with the Dragons through our Dragon-Hearts.

Eleven facilitated each brought a strand of light, and together a wonderful space was held for ALL to expand beyond the boundaries of old patterns of belief about the Self. I must thank Emma Elouisa Blake-Jones for hosting us all, and weaving all the threads together so beautifully.

By purging the pain of separation from aspects of the Self, and allowing the grief of old wounds to be seen, clearing came; and a brighter space was revealed within, to light the pathways calling to the Heart from the higher-realms. Every-body was held in a beautifully nurturing space, with so many utilized their healing gifts to support those around them.

The rainbow dragon called us here. The rainbow dragon delivered the rainbow rays from beyond our realm, to created a channel for the full spectrum rainbow-light of the Diamond-Heart to be received through a freshly forged facet of multidimensionality, awakening a new way of Being in the Now.

For my part I carried the star-codes here which the White Dragon had gathered from the Arctic-Ice and the Aurora, at the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse last month. (See other posts). The refinement of these cosmic vibrations offered an expansion in purity to those who were willing to surrender completely to the peaceful place at the center of the Diamond-Heart where the full power of the Sovereign-Self claims its balanced knowing of regality.

Through the collaboration of our collective Hearts, in union with Gaia and the Draco Stars, new vibrations were offered to the land; to re-pattern the sub-structures of the crystalline matrix here, and awaken the Red Dragon of this nation into a new role of sovereign expression.

Tears of joy flowed from me as I witness the liberation expressed through dance, song and sacred sound, rhyme and story, loving gestures and knowing look of being SEEN. It seems that we all took a step beyond the comfort-zone we came with, into a new place of expanded acceptance of Self.

My heart was bursting with joy from all that was shared. My brothers and sisters were shining so brightly. From this power place of connected-ness.

Through a dazzling exchange of Light, ALL became more...

Liberation within earthly structures created freedom for greater flow within form.

Refined starlight vibrations, gathered from the moonbeams, delivered greater purity to the waters.

The Light became brighter, reaching further, adding clarity to pathways of creation for a new way.

The air resounded with joy as connections with the Cosmic Dragons were strengthened through the activation of new consciousness in the Diamond Heart.

Sovereign embodiment evolved into new levels of empowerment

Blessings, blessings, blessing abound...

All this was carried forwards to be anchored in the sacred Avebury Landscape, where this chapter with the Dragons all began at the Virgo Full Moon on 24th February 2024. Read more HERE


One week on, another call was heard...

Sunday 21st April 2024. The day before Earth Day and just prior to the Scorpio Full Moon.

In the Black Mountains of south Wales a dragon has been resting, dreaming, weaving dreams into the great dream field of Gaia, waiting... Waiting for new vibrations to be awakened in the Dragon Clan of this sacred land.

I am aware that much has been unfolding with the Dragons of late. They have been reaching out to our hearts, asking for attention, to create a clearer conscious connection with them. They require our presence and our actions to deliver the cosmic codes which support their re-emergence after eons of slumber, so that they in turn can support us through the dimensional shifts that are evolving.

They have never left us, their heartbeat has always been entwined with that of the Earth, but they are now ready to emerge, as our collective-hearts are now ready to receive them. A great cosmic dance seems to be unfolding. We are All ready to become MORE.

One week on, the growing power of the Red Dragon has rippled through the rocks, and a small group of us honored the call we each heard to be present in this sacred place. Our role was to be the conduit for more starlight to be anchored, to support the emergence of a Silver Dragon from its sleep, and take an active role in the Welsh Dragon Clan, by the side of the great Red Dragon.

It stretched, slowly at first, unfurling its wings and tail, before lifting its head to look around. Shimmers of silver starlight, brighter than any earthly diamond, radiated over its rising form. It glistened with dazzling brilliance, transmitting these waves of other-worldly expansion through the ground, the air, the water, the ether.

We were not the only ones to witness it call out to its clan, by sending these ripples through these verdant lands, to let ALL know of its arising presence.

The sheep in the fields around us all responded, calling back to this signal. Two buzzards circled overheard, defining the spiraling pathway to the stars which had stirred this awakening.

We felt it in our Heart as a personal activation, where we were infused with visions which defined our souls journey from past to future... A remembering of the codes we carry and all that we have committed to bring into Being as sovereign creators, Now.

I am deeply grateful to my companions on this journey, only together could this have been all that it was to be. I especially thank Emma Elouisa Blake-Jones for her sweet song of blessings offered to the waters, which now carry these codes through the streams and rivers to the oceans of our world.

I write this post on St Georges Day, 23.4.24, on the cusp of the Full Moon. Let us re-pattern our perspective about the Dragons with this potent luminance. These powerful Beings show us our shadows through their presence, and ask us to claim more of our Soul-Self by conquer our own fears. They open the pathways through the cosmos, so that we can embody the wholeness of our multi-dimensional Self.

Praise be to the Dragons!


Sue Coulson: Channel for the Star Nations | Workshop Facilitator | Founder of: Cosmic Classroom™, Avebury, UK.

Supporting multi-dimensional self-awareness & active communication with the conscious Beings of the Cosmos from the Heart of the Avebury Stone Circle, and beyond.

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